Lord ImpalerAdmire The Cosmos Black

Lord Impaler - Admire The Cosmos Black album cover
Style:Black Metal


Twelve Thrones Eternal6:46
Celebrating The Elder Spirits6:08
Antichristian Hordes3:54
The Lord Impaler8:23
Hymn To The Nymphe6:42
Dreamtime Heresy11:31

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    Cover of Admire The Cosmos Black, 2011-03-04, FileAdmire The Cosmos Black
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    Cover of Admire The Cosmos Black, 2011-03-04, CDAdmire The Cosmos Black
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    Cover of Admire The Cosmos Black, 2017-11-00, CassetteAdmire The Cosmos Black
    Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Qalaqas Black Art Productions – QBAP-T010Malaysia2017Malaysia2017
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    • qalaqasblackart's avatar
      Band: Lord Impaler
      Title: Admire The Cosmos Black
      Origin: Greece
      Label: Qalaqas Black Art Production

      Despite all the usual Greek black metal bands that have been around for many years with their trademark and monotonous sound, Lord Impaler managed to overcome and dash through all boundaries possible through their debut full length album "Admire the Cosmos Black" after releasing a few demos since 1999, a year after they were formed.
      Regarded as one of the promising Greek black metal acts, Lord Impaler didn't even look back to whatever the older Greek bands have done and they really have moved on into another dimension unlike their counterparts. "Admire the Cosmos Black" is an album filled with endless brutality and melodically haunting composition and arrangements. Very atmospheric and well driven musical direction shown by Lord Impaler, proving that they are not afraid of evolving at all which is very significant for black metal bands nowadays. The sound is well balanced and the instrumentation is great and at its best except for the bass guitars which is quite lost within the sound of other instruments. The keyboard parts are excellent and really help by adding more feel and emotion to the album. Having Hellhammer (Arcturus, Mayhem) on drums really reflects and deliver the great aspects of technicality which makes this album an interesting and one should have no problem digesting it at once. With Knut Magne Valle (Arcturus) handled the mixing and mastering process, it's a bonus for Lord Impaler to have their potential and brand of black metal spread around the metal music scene. Of course there are parts that are similar to those of Arcturus and a few Norwegian black metal bands but to be honest Lord Impaler have successfully stood their ground without doubt.
      "Admire the Cosmos Black" is a must have and essential release, not only black metal fans but also other metal genres because it's a diverse masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Get your hands on it now and you shall never regret it!

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