Source DirectExorcise The Demons

Style:Drum n Bass


Call & Response7:13
Mind Weaver8:15
Technical Warfare8:42
Love & Hate9:22
Capital D.7:36
Wanton Conduct8:43
Concealed Identity9:33

Credits (4)


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    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1998, CassetteExorcise The Demons
    Cassette, Advance, Album, Promo
    Astralwerks – noneUS1998US1998
    New Submission
    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1999, VinylExorcise The Demons
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Science – QEDLP3, Virgin – 7243 8 46756 1 5UK1999UK1999
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    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1999-00-00, CDExorcise The Demons
    CD, Album
    Astralwerks – ASW 6251-2, Science – 0170 4 66251 2 8US1999US1999
    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1999-03-08, CDExorcise The Demons
    CD, Album
    Science – CDQED3, Virgin – 7243 8 46756 2 2Europe1999Europe1999
    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1999, CassetteExorcise The Demons
    Cassette, Album
    Gala Records (5) – 7243 8 46756 4 6, Science – CDQED3, Virgin – 7243 8 46756 4 6
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    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, 1999-03-08, CDExorcise The Demons
    CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve
    Science – CDJQED3, Virgin – 7243 8 46756 2 2Europe1999Europe1999
    Cover of Exorcise The Demons, , CDExorcise The Demons
    CD, Album, Repress
    Science – CDQED3, Virgin – 7243 8 46756 2 2EuropeEurope
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    • Numanoid's avatar
      Edited 5 months ago
      There are some good loops on display, but they got hung up on "demons" and all the trimmings, which was a gimmick back then. After all they came from St Albans, very dark.

      They should have focused less on the image, and rather spent time on making middle eights.
      • kazong's avatar
        For me, the album was very exciting on it's release, but today it has grown to timeless art and it reminds me what can be expressed through music.
        • bostocktaylor's avatar
          compared to the general output of Jungle/DNB at the time of release, Source Direct's first and only Album (excluding comps and bootlegs), Exorcise the Demons stands out to all of it's counterparts. While there are some recognizable elements to be found in their sound that put it in the definite realm of DnB, it's warped and offkilter style of execution is something that can only be described as unique to them.

          Many folks have also mentioned Photek when brought up, which makes sense, since at the time of release, they were label mates on Science, and created something that other labels didn't manage to do. Thats not to knock the outputs of other labels like Metalheadz. But as far as dark, brooding and experimental goes Science was ahead of the game, and this album is living proof of it.

          Now, about 23 years after release, it still sounds as gripping and exciting as it did when it first came out. this is a definitive must have for any diehard DnB fans, then and now it was ahead of it's time back then, and even now it still is to an extent. There's nothing quite like it.
          • Eric6807's avatar
            Dark drum n bass music. Very rare though. My favorite tracks are "Call & Response" and "Capital D". A
            • whiteawakening's avatar
              Going back to this album, Dubstar is the tune that really stands out to me. It isn't really loaded with atmosphere the way other songs are on here but has a really interesting groove that hints at 4/4 while not really being 4/4.

              Thursday by Deep Blue is another track that has a similar imo
              • Digger81
                Edited 12 years ago
                This has got to be one of the darkest drum & bass albums ever conceived. As Goldie said in the notes of Platinum Breakz (about Source Direct) : "Dark, man! Ultra -f*cking- dark!". The tune Mindweaver is a personal favorite. It's one of the best Amen-edited tunes ever in my opinion, it's amazing bassline rolls over a very dark synth. Technical Warfare is another, absolute favorite; a pure hellish sounding tune backed up by cleverly edited breaks. Concealed Identity is a fantastic tune that i would describe as 'Futuristic-Sword-wielding-Ninja-Drum & Bass'. Only two tunes could be described as 'normal' drum & bass tunes; Love & Hate and Dubstar, the rest are pure anxiety-inducing works of art that stretch the imagination, like that of possible future dystopias...
                • b_power's avatar
                  Edited 12 years ago
                  First time i've heard Source Direct was in the Blade movie score. Vampire Frost sitting in the library with a walkman and listening to the first track - Call & Response. From that moment i could never forget the two samples and the infinite loop...

                  Imagine my face when i purchased this release many years after the movie and the very first sound was that sample:)

                  Welcome to the roots of all evil! A brilliant from my collection of rarities, taking you to the meditative dark and rythmic dimensions. Barely to be referred to as a drum and bass release, Exorcise the Demons is something beyound ordinary jungle. Call it dark jungle industrial DnB or anything you want, but it is a must-have for those, who like complicated and long-rolling loops, industrial soundscape, psychedelic atmosphere and long stumbling tracks.
                  Sophisticated. Dark. Different.
                  • Theeboon's avatar
                    Edited 18 years ago
                    One of the best drum and bass albums I own. Deep, dirty, rolling but most of all f*cking evil! Think dynamic hiphop-style drum programming, great synths, evil samples and deeeeep bass.

                    These guys are sorely missed.

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