Q-Burn's Abstract Message*Mess Of Afros (Glenn Underground Remix)
Pimp Daddy NashOur Man In Stockholm (U-Star Remix)
Q-Burn's Abstract Message*141 Revenge Street (Original Version)5:59

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    Cover of Mephisto Remixes #2, 1996-09-00, VinylMephisto Remixes #2
    12", 45 RPM
    SSR (4) – SSR 166UK & Europe1996UK & Europe1996
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    Cover of Mephisto Remixes #2, 1996, VinylMephisto Remixes #2
    12", Test Pressing, White Label
    SSR (4) – SSR 166Belgium1996Belgium1996
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    • hornem's avatar
      The U-Star Remix is dubby & deep.... With a sexy ass sax to boot... For tha headz and da feet - delicious dancefloor stuff....
      • dylaf's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Is Glenn's mix his absolute finest? In short, no; BUT, and I mean but, that's likely what makes it so good. It's raw as f&£k, & who can resist a dollop of 'Open Sesame' over slamming garage beats? Not me!

        Overlooked & deadly on the flip side is U-Star's version of 'Our Man In Stockholm', a brutal stripped back dubby interpretation & one I am guilty of ignoring until recently... Ouch! More than the sum of its parts, a bit of a monster. Choice; but is it a 'version Idiot' as the name might suggest ('U Star Recordings')?

        X2 great remixes on this unlikely release, and not going for silly money so get stuck in...
        • RCLair's avatar
          two solid tracks make the high price tag on this bad boy well worth it, IMHO. Solid house cut and an evil creeper on the flip. Both gems.
          • chrisnova777's avatar
            Edited 6 years ago
            here we have glenn underground + qburns sampling Kool and the Gang - Open Sesame (1976) "get down with the genie!"
            • chimpboy's avatar
              Our Man In Stockholm (U-Star Remix) is in my humble opinion the coolest track on here, dubby jazzy groove time. Dug this out and listened today, never fails to impress me even after 20 years. Get it!!
              • Goebler's avatar
                one of my favorite '96. already heard by many great djs like Zip or Tama Sumo...
                • nik1976's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  Absolutely classic remix from G.U. This track featured on the Andrew weatherall and slam essential mixes in 1996 and 1995 respectively. Groovy but uptempo house track with disco samples taken from Kool and the Gangs "open sesame" (get down with the genie).
                  A must have for house fans.

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