Michael Cosmic & Phill Musra Group* ‎– Cosmic Paradise - Peace In The World - Cosmic Records



Michael Cosmic Arabia 21:30
Michael Cosmic Space On Space 21:45
Michael Cosmic Peace In The World 4:50
Michael Cosmic We Love You Malcolm X 8:09
Phill Musra Group* Egypt 11:18
Phill Musra Group* Arabia 9:16
Phill Musra Group* The Creator Is So Far Out 6:59
Phill Musra Group* The Creator Spaces 10:29


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March 15, 2021
edited about 1 month ago
referencing Cosmic Paradise - Peace In The World - Cosmic Records, 2xLP, Comp, Num, NA 5155, NA 5155-LP
Lots to praise and complain about here. The praise: the music is amazing, the reissue is very welcome, the packaging is heavy and looks cool, the vinyl is thick, high quality, generally sounds great on my player (no scuffs or damage as others are reporting...guess I got lucky). The poster is very cool as well.

Now for the gripes: I am very unhappy that this reissue was not put together in a way where both original LPs could appear on separate discs. They're not even separated by SIDE. The Cosmic LP ends on Side C, after which the Musra album begins and carries over to Side D. This really kills any feeling of authenticity as the two separate records are now confusingly packaged to run together as one. The liner notes on the packaging don't help, as they are cluttered and run in paragraph format rather than a nice clean top-down list of what's on each side. Given that the records are now smudged together onto Side C, a clear tracklisting would be extra valuable. As another user pointed out, the 2xLP includes tracklists for sides E and F... this confused me for awhile as it's not clear from anything on the packaging where these sides E and F are available. Given the tracklisting is already not a 1-to-1 correlation with the original two single LPs, having side E and F listed on there is just further mucking things up. Finally, also as someone else mentioned, both discs have extremely small centre holes :/.

Overall I think it's worth your $$$ just to have all this music available again, i just wish they had kept the two albums apart from one another and not bothered with their silly subscription bonus track idea.


December 21, 2019
referencing Cosmic Paradise - Peace In The World - Cosmic Records, 2xLP, Comp, Num, NA 5155, NA 5155-LP
One of the records had a skip for me brand new. Gave it a cleaning and the skip is now gone which is a relief.
Also, the inside of the gatefold gives track listing for sides E and F which don't exist for this 2xLP version. Given the cost of the record, you'd think they could have that fixed...or is Now Again just trying to make feel bad about not signing up for their stupid subscription?

The packaging with booklet included is pretty dope though. Records sound decent most of time. The music itself is, of course, otherworldly.


January 22, 2018
referencing Cosmic Paradise - Peace In The World - Cosmic Records, 2xLP, Comp, Num, NA 5155, NA 5155-LP
My copy was nice and clean, standard paper inner sleeves, interesting "paste-on" covers made to imitate the originals. Vinyl sounds A-OK but spindle holes were too small-- if you've collected vinyl for years you've probably seen this before, just carve out the hole a tiny bit with a pocket knife, no big deal. Kinda pricey but still cheaper and probably a better pressing than the originals by a gigantic margin.


January 12, 2018
referencing Cosmic Paradise - Peace In The World - Cosmic Records, 2xLP, Comp, Num, NA 5155, NA 5155-LP
WHAT A F**KIN JOKE! This label charges $56 for their double LP reissues which is already a small fortune to pay for a record. You think for that price you'd get a high quality pressing, clean and pristine right out of the package. WRONG! First of all the shitty, generic, vinyl-damaging, white computer paper inner sleeves were ripped in places, leaving a fine paper dust on the record's surface. Secondly, the vinyl surface itself looks like it fell on the ground and was scraped across the jagged asphalt of a pebble-ridden alleyway. OMG! I have never gotten a worse looking record than this one. The whole surface is scuffed with all types of markings I can't even identify. Scratches here, scratches there, looks like someone took a concrete shit on this thing. Simply disgraceful. If someone was to visually grade this record it would be given a "POOR" rating. I hate to sound like a record snob but at this price point I expect a little bit more attention paid to the pressing quality than this. Sad too because if this label would have done this reissue right they would have had my future business but now I will avoid their reissues at all cost. I'm sick of these ameteur labels getting the rights to reissue some amazing music while not giving a damn about the quality of their product. Now Again Never Again!