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Bill LaswellAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation



Eternal Drift9:00
Holy Mountain8:16
Eternal Drift (Construct Over Destiny Mix)12:02
Holy Mountain (LFO What Do You Think Mix)8:40


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    Cover of Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation, 1994-11-07, CDAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation
    2×CD, Album
    Axiom – 314-524 053-2US1994US1994
    Cover of Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation, 1994, VinylAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation
    Axiom – 314-524 053-1US1994US1994
    Cover of Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation, 1994, VinylAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation
    LP, Album; 12", 33 ⅓ RPM; All Media, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Axiom – 524 053-1, Axiom – 12AXM 4Europe1994Europe1994
    Cover of Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation, 1994, CassetteAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation
    2×Cassette, Album
    Axiom – 314-524 053-4, Axiom – 314-524 054-4, Axiom – 314-524 055-4
    +1 more label...
    Cover of Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation, 2016-08-09, FileAxiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation
    8×File, ALAC, Album, Reissue
    Not On Label (Bill Laswell Self-Released) – noneUS2016US2016


    • adjef's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      What an album. This opened my ears in 1994. From out of this world ethnic stuff, chilling mysterious ambient and dub to banging beats, it's all here. And those two remixes just go on and on and on... Music for mindtravelling.

      5/5 All day, every day.
      • benow's avatar
        Consistently amazing.
          • TIM's avatar
            Edited 10 years ago
            Surprised no comments here. And I don't see it any lists either. Because of those and fairly good ratings I still wouldn't say it's underrated though. But just because of Laswell's busy discography it's hard to pick out the better. Well this is my favorite of the dozen or so Laswell's I have. This is a really well done ambient record. Eternal Drift creates atmosphere beginning the album with a somber a beautiful tribal melody which sound like combinations of wind instruments. The song concludes with bringing it back to original melody that it started with after a trip that even featured some deep acid lines. As you can see from the titles there are segments to each song. This is great from an album perspective. It creates a depth and a must listen through completely. Most of the album is very tribal sounding. Like searching for lost ruins. There is an occasional bassline (granted, it's Laswell) and beat that separates this from similar sounding albums. The album plays a good balance between eerie, haunting and magical all along. With contributions from The Orb (who if you compare the period this was made to the orb's catalog it would be just before their much heralded Orbvs Terrarvm album which it could blend with nicely) and two ambient geniuses in my book, Terre Thaemlitz and Tetsu Innoue who in 1994 were doing some fantastic ambient on Fax and Instinct / Instinct Ambient. The song Peace has a Eno Apollo album feel and guitar to it. Later a horn section that sounds like an interlude from Roxy Music ala the song India. Very mellow and relaxing. Aum gets into a long eastern influenced section and whether that is to your liking or not, Cosmic Trigger gets the album quickly back on track with a most memorable air fx guitar. I remember passing up buying this one time in 1994. Never saw it again until this year I picked up a copy for $7.99. Money well spent and a double album to boot.