NikolaiNikolai E.P.



Logo Side
Look To The Future (1978 Remix)4:54
16 Reasons To Love5:45
This Side
Ready To Flow5:01
Look To The Future (Original Mix)6:08

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    Cover of Nikolai E.P., 1993, VinylNikolai E.P.
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Stereo
    Le Petit Prince – PP 003Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of Nikolai E.P., 1994, VinylNikolai E.P.
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Maxi-Single, Stereo
    Max Music – NM 926 MXSpain1994Spain1994
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    Cover of Nikolai EP, 2018-07-20, FileNikolai EP
    4×File, MP3, EP, Reissue, 320 kbps
    Le Petit Prince – PRINCE0003Germany2018Germany2018
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    • Gibz73's avatar
      Pretty sure that the "look to the future" sample is Aurthur C Clarke...could be wrong mind.
      • M.ANTONIO's avatar
        For me the song par excellence of this lp is the most unknown: 16 Reasons To Love a trance song par excellence appreciated in mythical venues in Madrid many beginnings of disco-type sessions that you play when you turn on the decks
        • bosepanaray's avatar
          Ready to flow?
          All it's in the title... A Huge plate to collect ❤️
          • sonofawidow's avatar
            'Look to the future' while borrowing from the past: That cheesy synth-horn on both the A1 and B2 mixes lifts its melody from Kraftwerk's "Metropolis" – and pretty obviously too.
            • planet-noise's avatar
              "Ready to flow" - I never really liked this track. It's sounds more like a children TV show them then a dance track. However it seems that is this track that Nikolai got famous for. It's a real shame becasue on the same EP there's one of the greatest Trace pieces ever made, and in two versions...

              "Look to the Future", is the main reason to get this peace of plastic. A very unique track with a simple but awsome saxophone melody (or synth on the other version) which takes you to the next millenium. 303 on the background, fat bass... What else can you ask from a Trance record.

              The other track... well, who bothers? I can't even remember it's name while writing this. I wish if they had a relase with only "Look to the Future" on it, 1 version on each side and without vapid bullshits.

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