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    Gong Bath7:20
    Virgo Dub5:45
    Peace Arch4:42

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    2 versions
    Cover of Gong Bath, 2015-09-21, VinylGong Bath
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Mood Hut – MH010, Mood Hut – mh010Canada2015Canada2015
    Cover of Gong Bath, 2018-03-13, FileGong Bath
    3×File, FLAC
    Mood Hut – MH01020182018
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    massively slept on record at the current price of 5 USD
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    db db _ such a good record _ db db
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    hey, side A must be play ed on 45 too
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    Edited 6 years ago
    I suspect who produced these tracks has been influenced by Damon Lamar - Tsunami Rain and Deepchord dc11, both released in 2001, not to mention Monolake - Gobi (1999).
    time_is_a_construct's avatar
    Boomkat Product Review:
    The Canadian chill kids at Mood Hut present a star-eyed ambient dream from Local Artist Ian Wyatt, a.k.a. Slow Riffs.

    Maybe the label's first 12" to feature no straight-up dancefloor tracks, 'Gong Bath' is a warm and lovely exercise in ambient relaxation intended "for healing use only".

    With the A-side's title track we're steeped in the sounds of running water and waves of deep tissue subbass fringed with massage parlour chords and ersatz ethno drum patter. Happy endings all round.

    On the B-side, he gazes at the stars amidst the milky synth spumes and chattering cicadas of 'Virgo Dub', and finishes with a flourish of swirling celestial jazz in 'Peace Arch' redolent of elements from that amazing Ndiko Xaba and the Natives LP.