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    Other Side
    Wake Up4:26
    This Side
    Kitty Kitty4:34
    Turn Off The Lights4:02

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    3 versions
    Cover of Wake Up, 2018-03-21, FileWake Up
    4×File, FLAC, EP
    Deep Jungle – DAT 005UK2018UK2018
    Cover of Wake Up, 2018-03-21, VinylWake Up
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Deep Jungle – DAT 005UK2018UK2018
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    Cover of Wake Up, 2018-03-21, VinylWake Up
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
    Deep Jungle – DAT 005UK2018UK2018


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    Taken from DEEP JUNGLE:
    It's time to wake up, I tell ya! Red Light (aka the Shut Up & Dance duo) make a very long-awaited return to vinyl with some unreleased goodies from way back when... 1994-1995 to be exact. It's a pleasure to welcome these guys to Deep Jungle, and we hope you all enjoy these long lost treasures as much as we do. This release brings 4 quite diverse sounding tracks straight from dat to the table. From hardcore vibes, to darkside, to straight up Jungle... this one's a journey!
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    Any idea where the sample's from for Turn off the lights ?
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    Edited 3 years ago
    A quality release. Perhaps not as in demand as some of the other recent releases on Deep Jungle, but for me this is one of the best. IMO a superior release to Dangerous/Greetings which is currently demanding more £ on the used market. Cocaine is such a great tune, bordering the rave and jungle sound perfectly - despite the Scraface sample! Top release! And let's not forget Turn Off The Lights - dancefloor destroyer!