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Existence 4:12
World Playground Deceit 7:08
Shifting Channels 6:17
Stellar Master Elite 3:53
Underneath The Universe 7:48
Underneath The Universe 7:30
Interface To God 4:36
Vortex 6:45

Versions (14)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
FOG026 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Whi) Moonfog Productions FOG026 Norway 2001 Sell This Version
COLD001 Thorns Thorns(12", Album, Unofficial) Kaleidoscope Prod. COLD001 Greece 2001 Sell This Version
FOG026 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Promo, Car) Moonfog Productions FOG026 Norway 2001 Sell This Version
FOG026 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Sil) Moonfog Productions FOG026 Norway 2001 Sell This Version
043 125 Thorns Thorns(Cass, Album) О.Ч.З. 043 125 Bulgaria 2001 Sell This Version
none Thorns Thorns(Cass, Album, Unofficial) Дубль А none Russia 2001 Sell This Version
COLD 001 Thorns Thorns(LP, Album, Unofficial) Kaleidoscope Prod. COLD 001 2008 Sell This Version
CDVILED352 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Enh, RE) Peaceville CDVILED352 UK 2011 Sell This Version
CDVILED352 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Enh, RE, Sup) Peaceville CDVILED352 UK 2011 Sell This Version
CDVILED352 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Enh, RE, Whi) Peaceville CDVILED352 2011 Sell This Version
VILELP379 Thorns Thorns(2xLP, Album, RE) Peaceville VILELP379 UK 2012 Sell This Version
CDVILED352 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Enh, RE, RM, OBI) Peaceville CDVILED352 UK 2018 Sell This Version
STAR06CD, FO1501CD Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, Enh, Ltd, Num, RE, RM) Metal Star, Фоно STAR06CD, FO1501CD Belarus 2019 Sell This Version
FOG026 Thorns Thorns(CD, Album, RP) Moonfog Productions FOG026 Norway Unknown Sell This Version


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September 24, 2021
referencing Thorns, 2xLP, Album, RE, VILELP379
Sounds fantastic, much better than the digital in every respect. My only issue with this release is having both LPs in a single jacket. When the quality of the artwork and discs is so high, the single jacket makes it feel a bit cheap.


January 22, 2021
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Whi, FOG026
Can somebody here at Discogs do something about all those Russian, Belarus etc unofficial releases... FFS!!!


July 28, 2020
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Enh, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, STAR06CD, FO1501CD
Indeed the first track is completely blank. This edition includes a sticker, but nothing special other than the aforementioned nasty surprise.


January 22, 2020
referencing Thorns, 2xLP, Album, RE, VILELP379
Surprised no one mentioned how dynamic this release is!

DR12 -0.10 dB -14.17 dB 4:12 01-Existence
DR12 -0.15 dB -13.92 dB 7:05 02-World Playground Deceit
DR12 -0.61 dB -15.32 dB 6:11 03-Shifting Channels
DR12 -0.38 dB -14.13 dB 3:49 04-Stellar Master Elite
DR15 -0.14 dB -20.48 dB 7:45 05-Underneath The Universe 1
DR13 0.00 dB -15.07 dB 7:27 06-Underneath The Universe 2
DR11 0.00 dB -12.63 dB 4:31 07-Interface To God
DR13 -0.41 dB -18.10 dB 6:40 08-Vortex
DR12 -1.09 dB -15.56 dB 5:42 09-TSoS
DR11 -2.14 dB -14.64 dB 5:02 10-Existence (Demo Version)

It sounds amazing!


January 19, 2020
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Enh, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, STAR06CD, FO1501CD

!!! This edition is not "Enhanced CD" (CD-Extra) - this edition is "Mixed-Mode CD" !!!
!!! 1st track - silence 17 min 39 sec. The album begins with the second track !!!


August 30, 2012
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Whi, FOG026

Thorns is a band that has been dabbling in the world of Black Metal since 1989. I first came across this band on the Nordic Metal compilation released by Necropolis, with the song "Ærie Descent." Of that compilation this is one of the songs that had the most profound affect on me as a listener. One of the most infuriating parts of this is that I could not track down anymore Thorns tracks, nor could I find any bands that even remotely came close to their genius. So you can easily imagine that when I found out Thorns was releasing new material again I was very excited.

The main musician behind this project, Snorre Ruch, has a rather critical history in the forming of this genre and it's eventually explosion of publicity because of one man's murder. Ruch (a.k.a Blackthorn) and Euronymous knew each other in the early 90's, and eventually Ruch would become the second guitarist in Mayhem. Ruch would also be a creative force in the composition of the now infamous "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas" recording, as is evident by the use of his riffs from the "Grymyrk" demo tape. Euronymous saw something special in his composition and writing ability, which is obvious to all of us now. Ruch had his own problems as well, such as mental problems of his own, and his outlet was clearly art and music. However, knowing Euronymous eventually led to making an acquaintance with Varg Vikernes, the man who would eventually murder Euronymous. Ruch's role was fairly minimal in the actual murder, he merely drove the car. He was later sentenced to prison for eight years because of his accomplice to the murder. There has been some speculation as to whether or not Ruch actually knew Varg was going to murder Euronymous on that night. I figure he drove away because after seeing Varg stab someone and get into the car with a knife, I would probably drive off when ordered as well. I think Ruch may have been a victim of circumstance, rather than a genuine accomplice, and I think that belief is held up by the fact that he is still friends with Hellhammer and Faust.

Thorns' return was announced with the split with Emperor, featuring the music completely composed and recorded by Ruch and vocals by Satyr. While the album is fairly decent, it did not live up to my expectations of the older recordings. I really didn't expect it to, mostly since Ruch would have a lot more technology available to him. That album also featured reworked songs of earlier material and some new stuff. However, now that the self titled has been released it not only met my expectations, but in some ways exceeded them. I wanted that eerie chord structure that was present in the first songs, and Ruch built on that style and enhanced it so much more on this recording. He also added in some ambient and other electronic sounds to give it more of an ominous, yet spatial feel to the album. So it sounds otherworldly and surreal through most of the recording.

Ruch pulled together some other well known figures in the industry to perform some of the elements of his album, probably to achieve a level of perfection he felt he couldn't achieve simply by himself. "Thorns" features Satyr (Satyricon) and Bjørn Denker, a.k.a. Aldrahn, (Dødheimsgard, Zyklon-B) on vocals. I have always enjoyed Satyr's vocals and I think his work on "Stellar Master Elite" gave the song the presence it really deserved. Aldrahn has always seemed like a very versatile vocalist to me, and that was made ever clearer on "666 International" and his opening work on "Existence" gave the song a heavier and more emotionally driven feel than Satyr's dryer vocal style would have given it. However, Satyr's vocals sound all the more vile and angry by comparison so that's where he fits into the picture. I think this is why Ruch used more than one vocalist, because their styles give the songs a different feel altogether. Hellhammer, obviously, played drums on this recording and he has more than outdone himself here. While the drum work is fairly straight forward on most of the album, it is by far a lesson in endurance. There is no fast blast beating that would rival the likes of Frost, but the real feature here is the double bass work. By far some of the fastest endured double bass is played on this album. When you listen to tracks like "Interface to God" and the song shifts in tempo from fast to even faster, any musician will be shocked to hear that shift. I'm not entirely disappointed that the drumming is fairly straight forward because it shifts the listener's focus to the guitar work and gives the album a fairly mechanical feel. And judging by Ruch's use of such elements, it's what he wanted the listener to get out of it as well.

By far one of the most impressive features on this album are the lyrics. Ruch has proven to be a very impressive and meaningful writer, while nothing that would rival great poets of the past, he does write songs that I can identify with. Such as "Existence", which he stated in an interview is how he best views humanity. The fact that humanity is presented as a parasite makes sense to me. When a human is born they are, by all rights, a parasite growing within the mother. They change the mother's body and chemical structure to fit their own needs so that they can feed off of her. Tracks like "Stellar Master Elite" and "Interface to God" stay in line with Black Metal ideology that religion is a conspiracy of the ones in power on this world and that God is far from a "real" God. Lyrically the album gives off the ever present feel of a general evil in the universe without stating specifically that Satan is behind it all. Something I felt was a fresh move. Far too many bands venerate Satan whether they follow the being or not, and many just spout the name to anger the Christians. While angering Christians is great fun, it does become a tiring lyrical concept after a time. Thorns lyrics delve deeper than that, and I think this is a good influence into the growing Black Metal genre. Many other lyrics deal with the concepts of dream versus reality, which is a concept I think was obviously influenced by the Matrix, which made everyone question such concepts.

Obviously this will be getting album of the year from me. I think this album is an elevation to the ideology of Black Metal and Ruch has proved again that he can develop very new sounding music even when a genre is getting fairly generic as a whole. While I do enjoy some bands that stagnate, I do enjoy some bands that can push the envelope correctly. Thorns is doing just that, but I doubt there will be anyone out there who can truly pull off a sound that is similar and presented as perfectly as this album, other than possibly Ruch himself.


July 22, 2011
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Whi, FOG026

Great indeed, sad to have so litte output of Mr. Ruch... Considering quality over quantity he definitly did best!


April 26, 2011
referencing Thorns, LP, Album, Unofficial, COLD 001

This is not an official release. It is a Greek bootleg. The printing/image quality on the sleeve itself is very poor. The audio quality of the vinyl itself is very good. This is currently the only version of this album available on vinyl.


April 6, 2011
referencing Thorns, CD, Album, Whi, FOG026