Robbie BashoLive In Forlì, Italy 1982

Robbie Basho - Live In Forlì, Italy 1982 album cover


Redwood Ramble3:50
Song Of The Stallion4:23
The Grail And The Lotus9:31
Interlude 10:50
German Chocolate Cake2:42
Interlude 22:51
Cathedrale Et Fleur De Lis8:09
Pavan India7:57
Interlude 32:44
Clair De Lune (For Twelve String)4:42
California Raga8:08

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    Cover of Robbie Basho Live in Forlì - 1982, 2016-06-27, FileRobbie Basho Live in Forlì - 1982
    File, AIFF, EP
    Topa Topa Recording Co. – TOPA-0029US2016US2016
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    Cover of Live In Forlì, Italy 1982, 2017-06-27, FileLive In Forlì, Italy 1982
    11×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
    Obsolete Recordings (2) – noneUS2017US2017
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    Cover of Live In Forlì, Italy 1982, 2018-04-00, VinylLive In Forlì, Italy 1982
    LP, Album
    Obsolete Recordings (2) – OR 005, ESP Disk – ESP 5024US2018US2018
    New Submission
    Cover of Live In Forlì, Italy 1982, 2018-05-11, CDLive In Forlì, Italy 1982
    CD, Album, Digisleeve
    Obsolete Recordings (2) – 005, Esp-Disk' – 5024US2018US2018
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    Cover of Live In Forli, Italy 1982, , CDLive In Forli, Italy 1982
    CD, Album
    Obsolete Recordings (2) – 005, ESP Disk – 005USUS
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