Yabba Dabba Doo5:16
Heart's Desire4:30
Holding You, Loving You4:10
Deaf Hook-Up Connection4:03
You Ain't Hip3:01
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide3:38
Since You Been Away So Long5:11
Never Miss A Thing3:50

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    Cover of Don Blackman, 1982, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Stereo, Terre Haute
    Arista GRP – GRP 5509US1982US1982
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1982, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Hauppauge Pressing
    Arista GRP – GRP 5509US1982US1982
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1982, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Monarch Pressing
    Arista GRP – GRP 5509US1982US1982
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1983, CassetteDon Blackman
    Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release, Stereo, Dolby
    C.S – CS 504419831983
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1990, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Unofficial Release
    Arista GRP – GRP 5509US1990US1990
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1991, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Arista – 212 582UK & Europe1991UK & Europe1991
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1991, CDDon Blackman
    CD, Album, Reissue
    P-Vine Records – PCD-1306, Arista – PCD-1306Japan1991Japan1991
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1991, CassetteDon Blackman
    Cassette, Album, Reissue
    Arista – 412 582Germany1991Germany1991
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1992, CDDon Blackman
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Arista – 262 582UK & Europe1992UK & Europe1992
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 1998, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Arista – ARISTA 5509US1998US1998
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 2006, CDDon Blackman
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Expansion – EXCDM 14UK2006UK2006
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 2009-03-02, CDDon Blackman
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Expansion – EXCDM14UK2009UK2009
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Don Blackman, 2014-10-15, CDDon Blackman
    CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Papersleeve
    P-Vine Records – PCD-17686Japan2014Japan2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, 2017, VinylDon Blackman
    LP, Album, Record Store Day, Limited Edition, Reissue, 180g
    Expansion – EXRSDLP 14UK2017UK2017
    New Submission
    Cover of Don Blackman, , FileDon Blackman
    8×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
    Arista – none, Legacy – none
    New Submission



    • JOT89's avatar
      This reissue does not appear to have been sourced from vinyl as far as I can hear. No plops or clicks either. Sounds nice.
      • flowerbed's avatar
        Edited 2 months ago
        Great cut by Dick Charles and pressing at Rainbo. I don't care if it's legit or not. It's been handled with respect and we're loving your music Don!!
        Frequencies at the kick drum and slap bass end are FAT and thick, lovely. It has that 1981 type of top end a la Shalamar, Odyssey, not overly bright but crisp. To me that's authentic mastering.

        Musically it's stunning with a distinctive and original approach to chord structure and harmonies.
        Too sophisticated in places for some who like their funk to be straightforward. I LOVE IT.
        • alan.james's avatar
          There's no 'con' here. The music industry was different world back then. In general major labels were not interested in reissuing vintage black music albums (only various artist compilations or the odd single), that is, until they saw they could make some money from it.

          The popularity of this first time reissue on cd during 1991, which could only be obtained outside of Japan as an expensive import, plus the scarcity of the original US vinyl which was exchanging hands for silly money, buoyed by renewed interest in seminal American black music recordings. In particular driven by buzz created by soul/funk DJ's and pirate radio in the UK (inevitably resulting in the album being bootlegged). Led the UK arm of BMG to license it for an official repress on vinyl and reissue on compact disc (which to avoid similar criticism about the Japan edition), was sourced from original masters.

          It is printed on the Japan disc itself that the sound is sourced from the master recording. However it appears that, maybe in a rush to release the cd or due to some other issue, a vinyl source could have been used.

          However, whatever the opinion about the sound source. This Japan edition is a seminal release
          • umberto1's avatar
            Blimey, there is a hell of a lot of BS surrounding this particular release and the Don Blackman album in general. Unless you were actually there is 1981/82 working in the Arista offices in the US nobody really knows what happened why and when, it really is all a load of bollocks! The reality is that nobody really knows and who cares if a stack of LP's have surfaced from an office somewhere? In my experience, what's probably happened is that someone at that time didn't do their job properly the album wasn't promoted across the US and wider EU regions and that's it! an artist gets dropped because of poor records sales. America is a very large place and warehouses and offices are constantly being emptied out and refurbished and these records do turn up! So once again, who cares? my copy sounds great and i really don't care if it's an original or dodgy promo that didn't make it to a radio station! The music should be the most important factor not the bollocks and stories around it.
            • dmp's avatar
              Which of the three OG pressings has the best sound? Terre Haute, Hauppauge or Monarch? Did someone ever had the chance to compare them?
              • evilexeGT500's avatar
                Could someone comment on the sound quality of this pressing? Thanks :)
                • themodernlore's avatar
                  It appears this is being reissued again. Can anyone confirm?
                  • Allyoneil's avatar
                    Don “Minister of Funk” Blackman had an illustrious musical career starting when he was only 15 years old with Charles McPherson, who was his neighbor growing up in Queens, New York. The pianist/singer/songwriter would later go on to play with legendary groups including Parliament-Funkadelic, Earth, Wind & Fire, Roy Ayers, Bernard Wright, and Lenny White’s group Twennynine. Blackman’s lone (pre-y2k) self-titled debut album arrived in 1982 on Arista. Produced by the great Dave Grusin, the album is a sought after jazz-funk masterpiece and rare groove classic that’s just the right mixture of funky and soulful. A few favorites to mention: A2 “Hearts Desire” which features a nasty slap bassline groove and deeply alluring piano outro and A3 “Holding You, Loving You,” with romantic lyrics and insane harmonies along with another killer bassline from Barry “Sonjohn” Johnson…
                    • ExpansionRecords's avatar
                      The first few CD copies of this reissue were indeed from vinyl, but the matter was rectified and issued again from tapes. The rectified version has a red inner sleeve stating Digitally re-Mastered. The same message appears again on the back sleeve.
                      • Myke_B's avatar
                        Edited one year ago
                        My copy does not sound really on point. Way too much crackles especially on slow jams, although I bought it sealed and the record is still like new. Do not buy this more than 30/40$ or you might be really dissapointed. Gladfully, most uptempo tracks still play great.

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