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Autechre - NTS Session 3 album cover

AutechreNTS Session 3


Clustro Casual
Acid Mwan Idle
Glos Ceramic
G 1 E 1
Shimripl Air

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Cover of NTS Session 3, 2018-04-19, FileNTS Session 3
10×File, WAV, Album
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Warp Records – WARP364-3UK2018UK2018
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Cover of NTS Session 3, 2018-04-19, FileNTS Session 3
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Warp Records – WARP364-3UK2018UK2018
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Cover of NTS Session 3, 2018-04-19, FileNTS Session 3
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Warp Records – WARP364-3UK2018UK2018
Cover of NTS Session 3, 2018-08-13, VinylNTS Session 3
Warp Records – WARP 364-3UK2018UK2018
Cover of NTS Session 3, 2018, CDrNTS Session 3
2×CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
Star Line (7) – sl 18238Russia2018Russia2018
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marks-7's avatar
"Tt1pd" what a masterpiece of avant-garde electronic music. It ends abruptly because once you get into, it becomes integrated into your being.
Antoninp's avatar
Wow great pressing! I highly recommend it! Get all the sessions this way. It is the best version.
Stoffeler10's avatar
I think this is best release in the whole NTS session series.There is weird, intense and boring stuff on this 3 LPs. And yes, after all, It needs a little bit time to get into this, but tracks like the opener Clustro Casual makes you think that Autechre is still one of the hottest bands in IDM.
Mooshrum's avatar
Wonderful pressing. I really wanted the box set, but I don't have that kind of spending money so I just had to choose my favorite.
DJNuklz's avatar

Spread the word, I received and email regarding this, pre ordered mine! They claim this will be a one time pressing so lets see!

Also available as a 12LP Boxset
R3LE's avatar
Probably my fave session of the quads, "tt1pd" literally brought me back to the Draft 7.30 days with a splash of Laughing Quarter thrown in for good measure, and its 22 mins long so gratifying!! I feel as if Ae separated each session to emphasize their different styles and session 3 brought on the menace a bit, especially with "nineFLY" with its razorsharp wobbly antics. Besides the rest the standout track for me is most certainly "g 1 e 1". Its enthralling with its high pitch fever that plays like a friendly humming bird near your ear drum with a tenacity to poke at it with its beak here and there, it has a very Boards of Canada flavor to it too. The poorest cut from this session I have to say is "fLh" its reminenscent of the NIN "Closer" song which isn't bad but unlike NIN where the song has crescendos and emotion "fLh" rambles on like a broken record. A great session Ae!
hafler3o's avatar
Here goes...

clustro casual starts the session in subdued four-square glitchiness. splesh has a melody! And wood-blocky percussion! And a groove! tt1pd starts with buzzsaws and a menacing groove but slowly turns inward into a pile of sharp swarf and machine wreckage. acid mwan idle is possibly the longest 'stretch' of a 4 second idea into 11 minutes, the only meh moment here. fLh's buzz/bit is all flight and light, static fluff married to a skippy beat. glos ceramic contains a tight, writhing riddim that flexes for eleven minutes before morphing into a Steve Roach 'Magnificent Void'esque finale. g1e1 is a tone exploration that really jumps out of the speakers and stalks the ear canals, nice! nineFly is a melody/beat warped inside a metal bottle then melted. shimripl air is a seriously good chilly ambient piece. icari is an endlessly rectangular insectoid repetition, all twitchy antenna and clicky mandible, a midpoint overlaid rhythmic fade-in gives the track a 'The Trees' like impetus to get us to the two hour finish line. Summation: 'Untilted' on eletro-PEDs.