SkyflyerSkyflyer II



Where Are The Limits?
Solar Flair
This House Is Mine
Flying Deeper

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    Cover of Skyflyer II, 1993, VinylSkyflyer II
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Sapho – SAPH 11UK1993UK1993
    Cover of Skyflyer II, 1993, VinylSkyflyer II
    12", 45 RPM
    Adam & Eve Records – ADAM 05Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of Skyflyer II, 1993-05-19, VinylSkyflyer II
    Sonic Records – SEP-003-1US1993US1993
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Skyflyer II EP, 1993, CDSkyflyer II EP
    CD, EP, Limited Edition
    Sonic Records – SEP-003-2US1993US1993


    • LaCargo's avatar
      "This House Is Mine" went nearly 1:1 into RMB - This World Is Yours, the title track of their Album when they first released on Low Spirit.
      • PhilMeWithAcid's avatar
        Haha! Nearly 27 years after the purchase, I now realised that the hook on „Solar Flair“
        is the intro of The Cure's „A Forest“...
        For those who didn't know yet: One half of this project was "RMB", who later on
        unfortunately turned to producing really commercial/cheesy Rave tracks.
        • Stuck_In_1992's avatar
          I loved "Flying Deeper" from the Universe CD that I bought from Planet X records in New Brunswick, NJ around 1994. However I'm even more impressed with it to find out that Easygroove was playing this trance record with 'ardkore / jungle records. The track "Flying Deeper" itself has breakbeat sections and a bass line that would go really well with the Ron Wells jungletekno that was around at the time. Now that I own this record I'll have a fun time playing it with those other records. The other tracks on this EP however aren't nearly as interesting nor would they fit with 'ardkore. They're just full on trance without any nod to traditional rave music.

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