Andrew W.K. = アンドリューW.K.* ‎– Close Calls With Brick Walls = 兄貴、危機一髪!

Andrew W.K.'s third studio album.
Due to legal disputes, the album was initially not allowed to be released worldwide, and had only been issued in Asia. It received a limited release in the US in vinyl format a year later. It wasn't until 2010, with the release of Close Calls With Brick Walls & Mother Of Mankind on Andrew's Steev Mike label, that the album received its first worldwide release in CD (with a revised cover art) and digital formats. It was later released individually in digital formats worldwide two years later.


I Came For You = おまえのためなら 2:16
Close Calls With Bal Harbour = 憧れのバル・ハーバー 1:22
Not Going To Bed = 今夜は夜更かし! 2:57
You Will Remember Tonight = そして、今夜も大勝利!! 4:06
Pushing Drugs = ダメ、ゼッタイ! 2:41
Hand On The Place = 王手! 3:19
One Brother = 兄弟仁義 2:25
Las Vegas, Nevada = ヴェガス・スリー・セブン 3:00
Dr. Dumont = デュモン先生 1:06
I Want To See You Go Wild = 人々よ、バカになれ! 3:00
When I'm High = 絶好調! 3:16
Golden Eyed Dog = お犬様 0:28
Into The Clear = 明るい未来 1:33
Mark My Grace = オレに栄光あれ! 3:11
Don't Call Me Andy = オレの名はアンドリューW.K. 2:45
The Background = 日陰者 2:55
Slam John Against A Brick Wall = 叩きつけちまえ! 3:52
The Moving Room = お部屋は行くよ、どこまでも 3:32

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