Holdin' On (Original Shelter Mix)6:00
Holdin' On (Nu Mix)5:53
Holdin' On (Instrumental)5:40

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    Cover of Holdin' On, 1991, VinylHoldin' On
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Atlantic – 0-85932US1991US1991
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    Cover of Holdin' On, 1991, VinylHoldin' On
    12", Promo
    EastWest – SAM 942UK1991UK1991
    Cover of Holdin' On, 1991, VinylHoldin' On
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
    Atlantic – DMD 1750US1991US1991
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    Cover of Underground Dance Music Vol. 1 Presents: Holdin' On, 1991, CDUnderground Dance Music Vol. 1 Presents: Holdin' On
    CD, Maxi-Single, Promo
    Atlantic – PRCD 4292-2US1991US1991
    Cover of Holdin' On, 1992, VinylHoldin' On
    12", 45 RPM, Promo
    EastWest – SAM 969UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Holdin' On, 1992, VinylHoldin' On
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Atlantic – A7512TUK1992UK1992
    Cover of Holdin' On, 1992, CDHoldin' On
    CD, Single
    Atlantic – A7512CD, EastWest – 7567-85888-2UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Holdin' On, 1992, VinylHoldin' On
    7", 45 RPM, Single
    Atlantic – A7512, EastWest – 7567-87512-7UK1992UK1992
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    • UndecidedMarkus's avatar
      Rest In Peace Michael Watford. Holdin’ On is one of my favorites from you. You will never be forgotten.
        All the mixes on this classic production are well worth a listen but for me the 'Underground Solution Mix' has one of the best vocal intros you'll find - it just simply draws out Michael Watfords soulful vocals to there complete max and before you know it he track smoothly raps itself around them and really starts to comes to life and then just keeps going. Old school deep house at its best.
        • apkmorris's avatar
          Hard to think that in 2019, you can still pick up a 12 inch of this master piece for less than £3. A totally genius record, it brings nothing but joy into the world and is one of the greatest garage (deep) house records ever made. Grab it while you can, because its bound to come back into vogue, its too brilliant to languish in the bargain bins for ever.
          • DiscoJoints's avatar
            “One of Roger S’s finest productions in my opinion. By far considered an early 90s anthemic classic. This song captures the true essence of the sound of Shelter NYC with Timmy Regisford and Merlin Bob in the early days. The mix of Micheal’s wailing message and the heavy bass-driven track conjures up magic on the dance floor. This song is the purest example of what soulful dance floor music is about. Upon my first visit to the Shelter back in 91’ this is one of the many songs that encapsulated the night for me. Watching the dancer act out each vibration of the song and the sound system acting as an ethereal machine. A classic!”

            - Ron Trent
            • stylus80's avatar
              Edited 14 years ago
              This is a great cd release with the inclusion of "Underground Solution Mix"
              One of my all time favourite versions of "Holdin' On" And probably Roger Sanchez at his very best at this time. Co-Produced by Smack Productions along with Roger S. The "Nu Mix" is similar to the "Shelter Mix" but without the mastering issue that dogged that mix. "East West Dub" is a great dj tool. Very useful if you're interested mixing 2 versions of the track?
              • pabloslims's avatar
                I searched for this diamond for years...Roger Sanchez has sinced cheezed out but his past will always shine brighter..This is a deep house vocal anthem..Michael Watford was at his peak and Roger was hitting homers...the original Shelter Mix is the King!! I remember the walls dripping of sweat , and the ladies working the floor, i remember big blunts and dirty warehouses..but mostly i remember waking up the next afternoon with this classic anthem still ringing in my ears!if you see this , snatch it fast, put on a bullet proof vest and get your ass home, cause if some other mother fucker sees ya with it, he's liable to shoot ya down for it!!!PABLOSLIMS

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