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Joey BeltramShaking Trees

Style:Techno, Minimal, Acid


Other Side
Shaking Trees
This Side
See Through Accordion

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Cover of Shaking Trees, 2008-11-12, VinylShaking Trees
12", 45 RPM
Harthouse Mannheim – HH MA 023-6Germany2008Germany2008
Cover of Shaking Trees, 2008-12-09, FileShaking Trees
2×File, FLAC
Harthouse Mannheim – HH MA 023-8Germany2008Germany2008
Shaking Trees
12", 45 RPM, Promo, White Label
Harthouse Mannheim – HH MA 023-6Germany2008Germany2008
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  • andrew-age's avatar
    LOve this record. Stands alone for me, the only techno underground record I think I bought form 2004 and on. A pearl within a long period of techno drought. thank you, joey
    • Nojob's avatar
      Shaking Trees is a monster, and easily one of my favorite tracks Joey's ever produced. Brooding, sharp, and spooky, with a little acid and his signature driving drums. Its a slight departure from his classic sound, but if it's any indication of future releases, Joey's back full force with a punch in the eardrum. Absolutely a 5* release and a sign that he's still one of the best, and most unique, techno producers going.
      • maroko's avatar
        I have to agree here. Joey Beltram has not sounded this self confident and fresh for a decade, and no I am not exaggerating.
        The title track is a surprisingly simple yet magnificently modulated and pitched minimal builder where a single melody is just going up and down a note or two through the entire track, with fantastic outbursts of various sounds and arrangements occasionally getting unleashed from the background. Something to get the crowd hyped, really hyped.
        The flip side has See Through Accordion, a nasty minimal acid teaser, with a fat bass line and an insanely high pitched melody with some acid trickery layed over it. It sounds, I don't know, demented, you have to hear it. The acid just keeps building and building, while Joey patiently lets it all amount, and when you think the last crazy climax is about to come in, slightly after the six minutes mark, he smartly retracts it all, calmly ending things.
        No doubt about it, this may just be Joey Beltram's finest since Bell Park. A great and mighty return to form.
        • djfrankiebones's avatar
          Allow me to be the first to say, Joey Beltram really just came full circle with this release and from my very first listen can say this is a stellar 5/5 top notch recording. Those critical of the many years of disco loops can rest assured that this is the sound that made Joey an innovator in the sound we call techno way back when some of you were toddlers. As effective as "Energy Flash" was? Only time will tell, but this is something I will be rocking in 2009, pure dance floor mayhem.