Leon VynehallNothing Is Still

Leon Vynehall - Nothing Is Still album cover


From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)6:20
Movements (Chapter III)3:52
Birds On The Tarmac (Footnote III)1:17
Julia (Footnote IV)2:26
Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV)3:46
Trouble - Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V)5:42
Envelopes (Chapter VI)5:29
English Oak (Chapter VII)4:27
Ice Cream (Chapter VIII)4:50
It Breaks (Chapter IX)2:18

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    Cover of Nothing Is Still, 2018-06-15, VinylNothing Is Still
    LP, Album; Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
    Ninja Tune – ZEN249XUK2018UK2018
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    Cover of Nothing Is Still, 2018-06-15, VinylNothing Is Still
    LP, Album
    Ninja Tune – ZEN249UK2018UK2018
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    Cover of Nothing Is Still, 2018-06-15, CDNothing Is Still
    CD, Album
    Ninja Tune – ZENCD249UK2018UK2018
    Cover of Nothing Is Still, 2018-06-15, VinylNothing Is Still
    LP, Album, Numbered, Test Pressing, White Label, Signed
    Ninja Tune – ZEN249UK2018UK2018
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    Cover of Nothing Is Still, , CassetteNothing Is Still
    Cassette, Album
    Ninja Tune – ZENCAS249UKUK
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    • ale33321's avatar
      Need to get this masterpiece back from the vinyl collection that stayed with my ex gf after breaking up... UNLESS NINJA TUNE CAN HEAR OUR PRAYERS AND REPRESS THIS GODDAMN MASTERPIECE
      • IgnoreAlienOrders's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        It was an ambitious move by Vynehall to include the book (co-written with Max Sztyber). But it works as a complement to the album and - to an extent - on its own, too. Both novella and album narrate the emigration of Vynehall's grandmother from the UK to the US in the 1950s. Both find their culmination in chapter 7, "Movements", which puts a tense, string-laden downtempo track to the story's most evocative scene, where the authors tie together the two main settings (New York and East Anglia) and metaphorize, quite effectively, the communicative breaks that occur when people move away from each other. The story is told with clear direction and in a sleek style, picking its analogies and flourishes from daily life rather than grand fantasy. Its autofictional themes ally the book further with much of the contemporary and creative writing industry-driven fiction market. With these works, it also shares some typical shortcomings. In its narration of atmospheres and moods, there is an almost complete reliance on adverb and adjective phrases. It also does not quite cash in its promise, underpinning all autofiction, to endow a resolutely personal story with a wider significance. One does wonder (only at points), while reading it, why Vynehall, beyond letting us into his family background, is narrating all of this with such gravitas. This can't be said about the album, which stands as a more self-sufficient, and unconventional accomplishment. Maybe a more experimental approach to the written side of the project would have produced more exciting, rather than just satisfactory, results. But I don't want to seem too critical, either: This box is more than any fan could ask for, and, in its entirety, an extraordinary document of Vynehall's talent to produce, tell, and evoke.
        • sashakusak's avatar
          This record takes you to another dimension. The detail, clarity, and separation are phenomenal. A sonic experience to say the least. This is worth having in one’s collection and I’m grateful to own a copy.
          • Daytona2197's avatar
            As of today, there are still copies on Ninja Tune's website:
            • stereo_mike's avatar
              Sticking to the promise of its title, Leon Vynehall’s third album is a constantly undulating mass of repeating samples and motifs, more concerned with painting a narrative than getting people’s bodies moving. The palette of sounds reminds me a little of James Holden’s more recent work, still working off dance templates but with a far more symphonic approach.
              • aggravated_yeti's avatar
                gorgeous record. has to be due a repress soon surely?
                • wassim_elia's avatar
                  Ninja Tune never seem to fail in pressing audiophile records! this is surely one of their best!
                  • Sply's avatar
                    Edited 5 years ago
                    Great album that combines classic motives with electronic music and even trip hop i guess. Envelopes and Movements are one of the best musical works i ever heard!
                    • beniffa's avatar
                      Excellent record, such a realised project. Loving the 'For Nan & Pop's eched into the dead wax :)
                      • carlosrmanuel's avatar
                        This record is a real Journey to abstract dreams and beauty... Excellent music, pressing and presentation.
                        To read the book is the next step.

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