Full Moons And Mouths4:33
Hot Paradox4:58
My Analyst "Assez"3:46
Berlin Wall5:08
He Saw The Light4:23
Inside Out4:25
I Never Tried5:25
Where To Find It5:02
Like A Lion3:30

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 1987, VinylHot Paradox
    LP, Album
    Facteurs d'Ambiance – AA 32004France1987France1987
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 2009-03-21, CDHot Paradox
    CD, Album, Enhanced, Remastered, Digipak
    Infrastition – Fin 043France2009France2009
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 2011-09-09, CDHot Paradox
    CD, Album, Enhanced, Remastered
    Infrastition – Fin 043France2011France2011
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 2019-01-14, CDHot Paradox
    CD, Album, Enhanced, Remastered, Digifile
    Infrastition – Fin 043France2019France2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 2023-02-02, CDHot Paradox
    CD, Album, Remastered, Digifile
    Infrastition – Fin 043France2023France2023
    New Submission
    Cover of Hot Paradox, 2023, VinylHot Paradox
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Minimal Wave – MW 081US2023US2023
    New Submission



    • schwarzerapfel's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      So surprised Infrastition was bothered to re-release this 4 times on CD in the last 15 years without bothering with a single vinyl repress.
      • octave.octavio's avatar
        but pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
        someone reissue this gem album
        IN VINYLE
        for God'sDAMNSAKE
        • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
          I cannot fathom how--outside of a box set--this has never had another vinyl release. No represses. No reissues.
          How is that possible.
          • benjamin.lingwood1's avatar
            Inside out & My analyst... Just wow! Really need to find a copy of this for a reasonable price.
            • pervade01's avatar
              This album breaks the most hardest barriers in music to me. 80's has so many lost bands like this masterpiece! Fantastic!
              • vegasbiss's avatar
                Edited 12 years ago
                There are two different versions of the cover. One has the typogrphy set design "Hot Paradox" Martin Dupont the other Martin Dupont "Hot Paradox" !!
                • poecker's avatar
                  Sometimes you wonder why a pefect album gets lost. This is the case here - Martin Dupont's last studio album is overwhelming. Fine musicians having fun with synths, rhythms and voice, sometimes with a taste of dark wave, sometimes with melodies as catchy as a good italo disco tune. But there's more. Weird text, artful artwork. Somehow, they manage to find a line between overly dark or overly arty. But maybe that was the mistake they made, they didn't record music for a given audience but for themselves. Today, this is far from a mistake, it's a gem to be re-discovered.

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