This Side
Don't Bother2:42
The Metal Benders2:48
Mr. Potatohead3:04
Other Side
Nudes In The Forest2:55
Eternal Return2:57
Second Warning2:24

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    Cover of Window, 1982, VinylWindow
    LP, Album
    Plexus – KMH709230, Plexus – KMH709330US1982US1982
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    LP, White Label, Promo
    Plexus – KMH 709230US1982US1982
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    Cover of Window, 2010, VinylWindow
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Remastered
    Dark Entries – DE-006US2010US2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Window, 2010-11-08, VinylWindow
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Repress
    Dark Entries – DE-006US2010US2010
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Window, 2010-04-15, VinylWindow
    LP, Test Pressing
    Dark Entries – DE-006US2010US2010
    New Submission
    Cover of Window, 2012-05-08, VinylWindow
    LP, Album, Remastered, Repress
    Dark Entries – DE-006US2012US2012
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    Cover of Window, 2022, CDWindow
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Mark Records (9) – MK 5Italy2022Italy2022
    New Submission
    Plexus – KMH709230, Plexus – KMH709330USUS
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      Following the first few incarnations and various lineups of r.l. crutchfield’s Dark Day, 1981 saw the direction of the project morphed into an electronic keyboard duo of Robin Crutchfield and Bill Sack with an album of nine songs released on Plexus Records. Lyrics were inspired by various sources including occult texts by Colin Wilson and art by Leger, Bruegel, Malevich, Man Ray, Duchamp and Jean Cocteau. The mechanized sound of “Window” is less one of the man machine robots in charge of Kraftwerk than man at the mercy of his machines. The infectiously-engaging toy-like instruments captured the ears of fans worldwide with popcorn drum rhythms. A Synare borrowed from Jeff and Jane Hudson lent a “Bette Davis Eyes” homage and crack to the percussion on the percolating tracks. The instant polaroid images, an homage to Japanese recording artist Susan of “The Girl Can’t Help It,” adorned the album sleeve in two stark headshots of musicians at work, haunted by the unseen. The front cover, a Crutchfield-designed collage in two tones of salmon flesh and Mediterranean watery blue show a string of rickety children in diaper togs, forced much like the children of “Cat In The Hat” to spend a dreary day indoors. The look on the children’s faces asks you to determine whether they are needing to be rescued from their enclosure, or inviting you to join and play. Is the window something you look out, or in? You must answer that question.

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