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Keiichi SuzukiSatellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)10:40
The Future Sound Of LondonCascade (Part 1)7:05
Young American PrimitiveThese Waves4:24
God WithinRaincry (Submerged)7:51
Rabbit In The MoonOut Of Body Experience7:07
Morgan KingI'm Free (Playdo's Minimalist Mix)7:22
Morgan KingI'm Free (The Full-Length La Serrena Mix)
UltravioletKites (Fantasy Flite Part One)4:11
Fuzzy Logic Featuring Eirie*Obsession (Quantum Loop Mix)4:59
William OrbitWater From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix)6:49
Apollo 440Liquid Cool (Deep Forest Ice Cold @ The Equator Mix)6:25
Banco De GaiaLast Train To Lhasa10:45
Dope On PlasticWave Dub5:59
Drum ClubSound System (Underworld Mix)7:02
Castle Trancelot*The Gloom6:38
Pete LazonbyWavespeech (Junior Vasquez Mix)6:08
The LightDusk3:48
X Tracks*Plan 94 (The Voyage)5:46
Mellow MellowI Can't Stop (Parrot Trance)4:32
Banco De GaiaHeliopolis (Eedupolis Dog Mix)3:33
Humate / Rabbit In The MoonEast (Opium Den Mix)7:36
UnderworldDark & Long (Dark Train)10:58

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Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996-09-27, CDNorthern Exposure
2×CD, Mixed
Ministry Of Sound – NECD1UK1996UK1996
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Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996-09-30, VinylNorthern Exposure
4×LP, Compilation
Ministry Of Sound – NELP1UK1996UK1996
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996-09-27, CassetteNorthern Exposure
2×Cassette, Mixed
Ministry Of Sound – NEMC1UK1996UK1996
Recently Edited
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996, CDNorthern Exposure
2×CD, Mixed, Promo
Ministry Of Sound – NECD1UK1996UK1996
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996, CDNorthern Exposure
2×CD, Mixed
Ministry Of Sound – NECD1, MDS – NE CD 1, DanceNet – NE CD 1
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Australia & New Zealand1996Australia & New Zealand1996
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996, CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed
Angeles Diablo Corporation – ADCD 20276, Ministry Of Sound – ADCD 20276Singapore1996Singapore1996
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Cover of Northern Exposure, 1996-09-27, CassetteNorthern Exposure
Cassette, Mixed
Ministry Of Sound – BU-2760497Indonesia1996Indonesia1996
New Submission
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1997-07-22, CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed
Ultra Records – ULER003-2US1997US1997
Recently Edited
Cover of Northern Exposure, 1997, CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed
Gallo Record Company – CDRPM 1587, Ministry Of Sound – CDRPM 1587South Africa1997South Africa1997
New Submission
Cover of Northern Exposure, , CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed, Reissue
Ultra Records – ULER003-2USUS
New Submission
Cover of Northern Exposure, , VinylNorthern Exposure
4×LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Ministry Of Sound (2) – NELP1
New Submission
Cover of Northern Exposure, , CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed
Ultra Records – ULER003-2USUS
New Submission
Cover of Northern Exposure, , CDNorthern Exposure
CD, Mixed, Reissue
Ultra Records – ULER003-2USUS
New Submission
joss55's avatar
bored this greepy sellers 5000 dollars remidn to have saw 2000 uk pounds a day

and peopel wiht 25 euros wiht 30 euros for send ...... ho i will donwload falc from ru private torrent website and not buy cd

its lame but if sellers where less .......
CurcarWhite's avatar
I think everything that can be said or needed to be said about this compilation has already been said. I guess I will brag a little and say I have two copies, one of them is signed by both Sasha and John. :)
joaquinho93's avatar
People goin off on this being made on protools :)
Its like blaming the blues guitars of the 30s tofor using acoustic guitars.
This project was more about the feel of the time, iot was something you played summernights after being up too long and just wanted some "getting down" music,after being to clubs and listening to djs for two days :)
Take it for what it is.
If you like hiphop, maybe the first devin album isnt the nr 1 classic you come up with,but damn it works after been out , come home to a nachspiel and smoking a fat one...
Every album is different..if you take this album to the club in 2022 i understand why so emotional :)
Bikini-Waxx-Records's avatar
We have a VG+ copy available. Clean and great sounding copy. Feel free to contact.
Booj1Boy's avatar
The sound quality of this is somewhat lower than the original, as it seems to be a vinyl rip of the original (that was already probably assembled from a variety of sources including vinyl rips used to make the mix). More noticeable is the inner grove distortion that occurs that occurs as tracks like Dark Train and Obsession go on. However, the original was no sonic masterpiece, and this isn't really that far off, so if you see it for a good price, pick it up.

Note for DJs: Heliopolis does not keep a consistent BPM like the original Banco De Gaia vinyl and the original Northern Exposure vinyl release. East also has some BPM sway, but the track has always been like this, on original Rabbit In The Moon / Humate release and the original Northern Exposure vinyl release, so it's accurate in that sense.
GiveMeYourTots's avatar
Since this release turned 25 years old this week, I feel like it’s appropriate to share the little-known fact that there was actually supposed to be a 20th anniversary reissue. Searching online the Ministry of Sound catalog number of MOSCD465 generates numerous music record shopping website placeholders for such a release. Unfortunately it never saw a release, as did a number of other MoS releases in 2016. The likely reason is probably due to regaining the copyrights to include all the necessary tracks. Otherwise it would have faced track omissions and replacements; similar to the 10th anniversary reissue of Sasha and Digweed’s Renaissance mix. Hypothetically, Northern Exposure could have seen a 25th anniversary reissue had there not been a pandemic and such a milestone would have triggered more effort into getting such a release accomplished. If Ministry of Sound gets their new release efforts back and running, they should do a series reissue that also includes Northern Exposure 2.
ga11agher's avatar
What more can be said about this release that already hasn't been said? A timeless collection of tracks that sound just as sublime 25 years later! This vinyl pressing really is the jewel in the crown for the prog house/trance collector. As prices continue to skyrocket for the original pressing (be careful as there are bootlegs out there), don't hold off and bag a copy whilst you can!
glitchtrauma's avatar
pretentious self-obsessed pseudo-spiritual hippy nonsense complete with pillaried tesco value world music cd ethnic wailing on disc 1. Drop 12 tabs of Orange Sunshine and Get some Claude Young or DJ Randall down yer gullet, then you will see what a dj can do live with two turntables and not pro-tools!
Mixman-LFC's avatar
Edited one year ago
To DJCL, some people like you have no clue about certain vinyl and why it's expensive, ok some prices can be rediculous but this is a gem of a album. Also have fun hunting down all the tracks with a better pressing please you fool. The pressing on this was superb quailty and i doubt very much you will find any of the tracks with a better quality pressing on vinyl. Guess he has a very low IQ and does not own any vinyl :).
DJCL's avatar
Edited one year ago
Golly! This compilation is pretty expensive. Must be really scarce to cost so much. I remember when it came out.