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The 4xCD release features the albums Gas, Zauberberg, Königsforst and Pop in remastered forms. Several tracks have been altered: Gas 1 & 3 have been replaced with new pieces, while Gas 4 is heavily remixed; Zauberberg 6 appears in extended form here as well.

The 2xLP release features Zauberberg 2, Königsforst 5 and Pop 7, alongside a new piece on side A.


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    Cover of Nah Und Fern, 2008-06-00, VinylNah Und Fern
    2×LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Kompakt – KOM 175Germany2008Germany2008
    Cover of Nah Und Fern, 2008-06-02, CDNah Und Fern
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; Box Set, Compilation
    Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD66Germany2008Germany2008
    Cover of Nah Und Fern, 2008, CDNah Und Fern
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered; All Media, Compilation, Promo
    Kompakt – KOMPAKT CD66Germany2008Germany2008
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    Cover of Nah Und Fern, 2008, FileNah Und Fern
    26×File, FLAC, Compilation, Reissue
    Kompakt – noneGermany2008Germany2008
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    • iron_sun's avatar

      There's "Gas" by Gas (AKA Wolfgang Voigt), and there's "Gas" by Wolfgang Voigt (AKA Gas).
      "Gas" by Wolfgang Voigt (AKA Gas) features the track "Nah Und Fern", also a title on the 4 track vinyl compilation "Nah Und Fern" by Gas (AKA Wolfgang Voigt), but these appear to be separate tracks; the CD version of "Nah Und Fern" (The album by Gas (AKA Wolfgang Voigt), not the track by Wolfgang Voigt (AKA Gas)) is essentially a box-set of Gas' first 4 albums, none of which contain a track called "Nah Und Fern". Also it is worth noting that a few untitled tracks from the original releases have either been remixed or extended, or else swapped out for different untitled tracks on the CD compilation, and that all tracks on all 4 albums are untitled.

      Glad that's that cleared up.
      • aggrepo's avatar
        I just bought this album and received it today.

        I’m wandering why my copy has 7 tracks on Disc 1 (album Gas from 1996) and not just 6 tracks as listed here and why nobody else mentioned this until yet.
        • Candy_Guru's avatar
          When I first heard the music from this box set it was one of those rare occasions in my life when I thought: "wow, I didn't know this kind of music exists!"
          It's like wandering around (or simply lying on the ground) in a deep forest, at night, while the music from several string orchestras and the sound of a distant techno congregation bleed from other dimensions into yours. Therefore the sound may not be entirely clean - there are crackles and rustles and the frequencies are not perfectly equilized, but it all contributes to the realism of the experience.
          • bedrocking's avatar
            Seeing him play (if you can call it that) this at the Barbican with audiovisuals was one of the most intense musical experiences I've ever had while sat down and totally sober. I've never really been able to give it the time at home, but an absolutely exceptional piece of work.
            • forestofwonder's avatar
              My favorite bedtime album, the perfect soundtrack for dreams and probably one of my most listened to compilations in my entire collection. This is an experience beyond compare, I imagine this sound would be the perfect soundtrack to floating in a zero gravity tank.
              • Cardia1's avatar
                Edited 9 years ago
                This is a fine collection of the 4 Gas albums, "Zauberberg" is my favourite album, its the most dark and creepy compared with the other 3 discs. I love the hynotic effect that these four albums has on me when being played, its sounds works as drugs, the soft and muffled beats, the constant sound that evokes rain and along with the dantesc melodies are a perfect combination to massage your hears and your mind. This collection is a big journey into the Dark world expressed by Wolfgang Voigt, a world with constant nocturne atmospheres, shadowy creatures, gloomy castles and a constant fall of heavy rain with strong wind.
                This 4 albums collection is simply Amazing!!!
                • lixenixen's avatar
                  Edited one month ago
                  To comment on the review below: the main difference between Nah und Fern and the original Gas CDs on Mille Plateaux are with "Gas" and "Königsforst". As pointed out by Plaidzebra, the tracklist on "Gas" is different: tracks 1 and 3 on the original album have been replaced by completely different tracks on the Nah und Fern. On the original album, track 1 is essentially a slower, beatless variation of track 2, so I can see why Voigt might've thought it was superfluous. The original track 1 does have its charm, though – it sounds like stepping into a steam bath, a fitting opener for an album called “Gas”.

                  Even sadder is the loss of the original track 3 of "Gas", as it has a cool, cosmic vibe that's a bit different from the rest of the album. It also has a crisper, housier sound than anything else on this album, or the following three Gas albums. As such, it’s closer to the Gas tracks that preceded the first album, and this is perhaps the reason Voigt chose to replace it. The new track 3 on Nah und Fern is more in sync with everything else, but sadly it's not as good as the original track 3.

                  Another major change is between the two versions of track 5 from "Königsforst". It's the same track, but on Nah und Fern it has been compressed or something, which makes the strings sound louder, but which also causes it to lose a lot of its depth. This change is inexplicable, as the uncompressed version on the original "Königsforst" clearly sounds better. The remastering ends up damaging the solemn, deeply spiritual groove of what is possibly the best Gas track of them all.

                  Aside from the changes outlined above, the differences between Nah und Fern and the original CDs are not significant: track 6 of "Zauberberg" is 3.5 minutes longer on Nah und Fern, and some other tunes have also been extended to a lesser degree, but they sound pretty much the same on both versions. Nah und Fern is still a great buy, especially considering its low price, but sadly the changes to "Gas" and "Königsforst" mean you still have to dig up the original records to experience these albums to their fullest.
                  • plaidzebra's avatar
                    I haven't seen anyone yet comment on the fact that the version of the self-titled album included in this box set is significantly different from the original cd release on Mille Plateaux. While the original 3LP release basically features longer versions of the cd album tracks, this new cd version contains completely different mixes and edits. To start, compare the track lengths of each cd version.

                    There are also a few minor differences between the other original albums and the versions presented here. Aside from the remastered sound, a couple of tracks are longer than the originals. I think the mixes on the three albums that followed the debut are unchanged in the box set versions.

                    The bottom line is that you're still going to have to seek out the original, amazing Mille Plateaux release to hear the whole Gas story (not to mention the other odds and ends of EPs, compilation tracks etc). It's essential listening.
                    • Mark_Anthony's avatar
                      Edited 10 years ago
                      This release is my favorite cover art of all time. A never-ending forest of haunted sounds and thunderous bass that is remote and sinister. No other producer that I've ever heard sounds like this. As I sit here and try to encompass the sounds, and the cover art, in my own words, I feel like I just can't say what I want to because this whole package is just so awe inspiring. Click the images to view the outer sleeve and inner sleeve covers. Look as far into those drawings as you can. Notice how you feel absorbed and intrigued. You want to go there but its not a real place, so its up to the music to take you there. Then take that sense of wanting and curiosity multiplied times 10 and you'll understand what the record feels like. All 4 tracks are stunners. I usually just pick one out its sleeve at random and press play with it pitched down a couple notches. Epic beyond words. I wouldnt sell this if my house was foreclosed and my neighbor's children were starving. From my cold dead hands they will pry it.
                      • scories's avatar
                        Edited 3 years ago
                        I also have the 4 cd's box set but I happen to listen way more often this 2x vynil compilation. Here you get the best out of the first three albums in less than one hour. For those who like the GAS sound without being able to stand the same beat for more than 15 minutes, this is the best choice for a gloomy rainy morning.

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