Skull Valley - Granite Mountain Morning as reviewed by mach1ne

September 20, 2005
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referencing Granite Mountain Morning, 12", ED 023

I consider Granite Mountain Morning one of the best ethereal, melodic house tracks ever. It's an end of night classic and it appears on at least one of my mixes.
But that's not why I'm writing this.
Get away from the 4/4 and venture off the beaten path. Just check out Distant Star, a psychedelic punk-rock anthem featuring none other than our favourite nut-job Eddie Ruscha (Dada Munchamonkey, Future Pigeon) on vocals.
But no, that's not why I'm writing either.
The Boneyard is my reason.
This has to be one of the most original tracks I have ever heard. God knows where the vocal about "we're all going to end up in the boneyard" comes from but it adds a nice little reminder of mortality over an incredibly beautiful smorgasbord of musical diversity. First we hear good ol' southern slide guitars, then dub guitar stabs on the offbeat, then tablas out of nowhere, a bunch of chopped up scratching, the guitar then does a wonderful supreme solo, again we're reminded about the boneyard and then the shit really hits the fan. I have to say at this point the slide guitar really does it on this one. Tom Chasteen is a genius and that's the only reasonable way for me to end this comment. And seriously, if you like this EP check out the other Skull Valley one too for not only more slide-guitar madness but acid mayhem with 303s, twittering birds, dark beats and frightening feedback and hey presto, once again we have genius. Beat that anyone.

Skull Valley - Granite Mountain Morning RCLair

March 7, 2019
referencing Granite Mountain Morning, 12", ED 023
AMEN BROTHER! Someone else who agrees that Tom Chasteen is the most under-rated producer of the 90s