Detroit Grand PubahsNuttin' Butt Funk

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Nuttin' Butt Funk album cover

Style:Techno, Electro


Skydive From Venus8:49
Message From Overkill6:06
Crystal (Ode To The Orbit)5:47
Public Announcement1:11
Rolling Papers N Bush5:14
Earth Hoes6:16
50,000 Legions5:52
Singing By Numbers0:16
Chitown Shuffle4:34
Butt Market5:16
Funk Is A 4 Letter Word0:27
Dirty Ole Man5:47
Thanks For Coming7:43
Black Fu Condom-Mintz5:13

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    Cover of Nuttin' Butt Funk, 2008, CDNuttin' Butt Funk
    CD, Album
    Detelefunk – DET09, Detelefunk – DET 09Belgium2008Belgium2008
    Cover of Nuttin Butt Funk, 2008, CDrNuttin Butt Funk
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Detelefunk – DET09Belgium2008Belgium2008
    Cover of Nuttin' Butt Funk, 2008, CDNuttin' Butt Funk
    CD, Album
    Detelefunk – DET09, Octave Lab – OTLCD-1190Japan2008Japan2008
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    • defborn's avatar
      After listening to it a couple of times I have to say: I like it. It's just another great Pubahs album in a style that only Pubahs can bring. Although I have to say I still prefer the Funk All Y'all album, this one should not be missing from any Pubahs fan's collection, or any electronic music enthusiast's collection for that matter. I find some songs not that good, but it's nutbreakers like 50.000 Legions and especially Chitown Shuffle that make the record stand out. It just pounds ;). For the fans of Dr. Bootygrabber, htere is Thanks for Coming, which sounds a bit the same. Overall good album, lets hope Paris the Black FU and friends make some more of this sh*t.

      Oh and btw, even if you still don't like the music, just get their albums for the cover arts. It's hilarious :P (I mean check out the beard :D)

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