Take Control
Let Me Be Mine
Just Enough (Skit)
Initial Problem
Fallout (Skit)
12cm Disco Edit (Skit)
Put That On My Momma
Hungry Ghost


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    Cover of Beats Du Jour, 2001-06-11, CDBeats Du Jour
    CD, Album
    Grand Central Records – GCCD111, Grand Central Records – GCCD 111UK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Beats Du Jour, 2001-06-11, VinylBeats Du Jour
    Grand Central Records – GCLP111UK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Beats Du Jour, 2001-06-11, VinylBeats Du Jour
    2×LP, White Label
    Grand Central Records – GCLP111UK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Beats Du Jour, 2014-12-29, FileBeats Du Jour
    13×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    RitonTime – 62580UK2014UK2014
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    Beats Du Jour
    2×LP, Repress
    Grand Central Records – GCLP111UKUK
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    • bargainvinyl1's avatar
      23 year old Henry Smithson, aka Riton has no doubt been enjoying the overwhelming support hes received for his work so far. And it looks like that grin is just about to get wider.
      His debut album release Beats Du Jour is proof that there is more to this man than simply a couple of single releases. He expands on the twisted electronic house fusions of Habib and Take Control and gives us a further eleven tracks of equal quality but many more dimensions. Not only does he prove that he can turn his hand to songwriting with Let Me Be Mine but he also gets his head quite neatly around the jazz angle with the Roy Ayres influenced C Communicated and Hungry Ghost. There are splatterimgs of Daft Punk and Mr Oizo, a nicely positioned Taurus Woman sample plus the melancholic saga of DJ cam.
      The eighties sound is key to most of the album and again he works it well fusing elements of Shakataks smooth funk (Frambuesa) with Bob Jones Keyboards. One extra special bonus to top it off is that he well and truly topples one queen off her self appointed throne by showing Cher what vocoders are really about in the synthesiser frenzy of Motion.
      So, thankfully Riton does us the favour of not burdening us with yet another dull, disposable beats album and Grand Central do us the favour of finding yet another top quality artist.

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