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Act I
Sea Borne
Liberator Of Minds
Dance Of The Bacchantes
Act II
The Mountain
The Invocation
The Forest

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11 versions
Cover of Dionysus, 2018, CDrDionysus
CDr, Album, Numbered, Promo
[pias] – PIASR440CDPEurope2018Europe2018
Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, CDDionysus
CD, Album
[PIAS] – PIASR440CDXEurope2018Europe2018
Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, All MediaDionysus
All Media, Deluxe Edition; LP, Album
; CD, Album
[pias] – PIASR440LPXEurope2018Europe2018
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Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, VinylDionysus
LP, Album
[pias] – PIASR440LPEurope2018Europe2018
New Submission
Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, FileDionysus
2×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
[pias] – PIASR440Europe2018Europe2018
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Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, FileDionysus
2×File, FLAC, Album, Stereo
[pias] – noneEurope2018Europe2018
Cover of Dionysus, 2018-11-02, FileDionysus
2×File, WAV, Album, Stereo
[pias] – PIASR440DA2Europe2018Europe2018
New Submission
Cover of Dionysus, 2018, CDDionysus
CD, Album, Unofficial Release
[PIAS] (2) – PIASR440CDXRussia2018Russia2018
New Submission
Cover of Dionysus, 2018, CDDionysus
CD, Album
[PIAS] Recordings – PIASR440CDX, Soyuz Music – PIASR440CDXRussia2018Russia2018
Cover of Dionysus, 2018, CDDionysus
CD, Album
[PIAS] Recordings – none, Altafonte – ALTMX0220Mexico2018Mexico2018
New Submission
Cover of Dionysus, 2018, CDDionysus
CD, Album
Jewel Case
PIAS – PIASR440CDXEurope2018Europe2018
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Ditendra's avatar
Edited one year ago
Sounds a bit like "Spiritchaser" album, but with less vocals. It is more focused on music instead of singing and lyrics. Lisa's voice is almost absent. It's not their greatest work, but it's not bad and it gets better after several times of listening.
AtraxMorgue's avatar
unfortunately I have to say that this is the weakest work the band has released, it has no emotion whatsoever, the music is felt above the voices, it seems that Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard sing only for commitment far below what sounds like, there is no emotion in this album this album along with the "spiritchaser" are really the band's weakest works but without a doubt the latter very disappointing to what the band really does and I feel that in part it it is due to Lisa's possible state of health from what you can see it must be a hormonal problem that she has because she already sings without any intensity or with the emotion she used to do, very sad indeed
ferrarabrainpan's avatar
Referencing Dead Can Dance - Dionysus I am in agreement with what other reviewers here have said about the musical merits of this one. I've been a devoted fan of DCD since the late 80s and this is the most insubstantial album they've done, on a par with Spiritchaser (it has a similar Amazonian Indian vibe to much of the music as that one did, and it doesn't ring as true as their European and Middle Eastern incorporations). It definitely does seem like a Brendan Perry solo project with Lisa guesting on a few tracks.
What's especially frustrating is the lack of performer credits, as none of the musicians or composers are mentioned anywhere on the digipak cover or scanty 4-page insert. One assumes that Brendan and Lisa are present, but what about the other voices in Act I, are they sampled? I found a couple reviews online that mentioned a wide array of world instruments which are used on this record, naming them off individually, yet there are no instruments listed on the packaging. Did the deluxe LP+CD edition have more info than the minimal CD pressings? I don't find any performer credits on the versions listed here.
xpe74's avatar
top as usual. Nothing to regret and absolutely thrilled with my copy
cosmicvlad's avatar
Fantastic press and quality of sound! You must have it!!!
pixelandsoda's avatar
The quality of the pressing is superb. Clean and dead quiet LP.
mickchillage's avatar
People seem to be more concerned about sound quality of the pressings on here lately rather than actually reviewing the music?
Yes that is important but does the music touch your soul in some way? Have DCD have anything new to say?
On first listen this is pretty much run of the mill and predictable ethnic flavoured Dead Can Dance.
Sounds like an album brilliantly produced with a Dead Can Dance sample pack at abbey road..
Maybe a few more listens it will reveal more depth like their older works, but I won't hold my breath.

dbernath's avatar
I have to agree that this is a superb pressing. Crisp, clear, undistorted highs and DEEP lows with a captivating sense of spaciousness to the soundstage. Great music as well!
Ticat's avatar
Ok. So they are not Dead! This LP is very high quality sound. Good Pressing, packaging and lots of inner detail....Why would anyone want a Digital Download? Newbies.....?!?
ianbev13's avatar
Stunning. It could be said that the catalyst to Dionysus is Ecstasy, This recording is about order, measurement and complete control.
DCD may not have the urgency that was once apart of their ethos.
Brendon Perry and Lisa Gerrard are the protagonists of a future music order with its roots in ancient nature and the practise of paganism.