The SmithsSingles Box

Style:Pop Rock, Indie Rock


Hand In Glove
Hand In Glove3:17
Handsome Devil (Live)2:53
This Charming Man
This Charming Man2:41
What Difference Does It Make
What Difference Does It Make ?3:26
Back To The Old House3:04
Still Ill
Still Ill3:20
You've Got Everything Now3:58
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now3:34
Suffer Little Children5:27
William, It Was Really Nothing
William, It Was Really Nothing2:10
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want1:50
How Soon Is Now
How Soon Is Now?3:41
Well I Wonder4:00
Shakespeare's Sister
Shakespeare's Sister2:10
What She Said2:40
The Headmaster Ritual
The Headmaster Ritual4:51
Oscillate Wildly3:26
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore3:50
Meat Is Murder (Live)5:34
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side3:15
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Bigmouth Strikes Again3:18
Money Changes Everything4:40

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    Cover of Singles Box, 2008-12-00, VinylSingles Box
    12×7", 45 RPM, Single, Reissue; Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Remastered
    Rhino Records (2) – 2564-69320-7UK2008UK2008
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    Cover of Singles Box, 2009-06-22, CDSingles Box
    12×CD, Single, Remastered; Box Set, Limited Edition, Compilation, Numbered
    Rhino Records (2) – 2564-68921-7UK2009UK2009
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    • picdisc65's avatar
      I remember seeing this at a record fair in Manchester when it first came out - it was £30, sealed and mint. I was with my friend. I kept looking at it and saying things like "I'd really like that. I mean I'd REALLY like that, if only I could afford it.." "I wish I had that..." "If only I had that in my Smiths collection..." "It's amazing that set isn't it.?" "I really want that... if only it was mine.."

      Anyway, he bought it for me as an early birthday present. Result!

      And now, it's very desirable and seemingly quite expensive. Coloured vinyl would have been nice, seeing as it was a hefty £30!
      • HappyTheMan's avatar
        Amazing sound, beautiful packaging. The best reissue/repackage ever, the pins are cool too. A+
        • gavaxeman's avatar
          Whatever happened to box 2? Any one have a clue
          • streetmouse's avatar
            Sell your first edition Smith albums, purchase yourself something nice, perhaps take a friend to dinner.

            I know, you don’t have to lecture me, it’s easy to ignore music one doesn’t like, yet in the same breath, when that music was such a part of the scene, it does make me want to comment on it without passing judgement, without making anyone feel badly, because music represents who we are, and if I dislike something you value, that in turn often leads to the notion that I don’t value others personally, and thats just not the case.

            Smith fans are fanatics, almost boarding on the religious, right down to their hipster skinny jeans, even making excuses fro Morrissey’s inherent racism [or has he turned a corner since those bygone days?]. So no, I don’t hate The Smiths, hating something that I can avoid is like trying to rearrange the air in front of my face, it’s pointless and a waste of time.

            For me, Morrisey has bland vocals, and an even more white bread style of poetry, deeply rooted in his sincere struggles with depression and gay theatrics. But I could only listen to these songs a few times before the sheer weight of them locked me into an angst that one does not instantly see coming on. It’s more that this angst begins to reshape the listener, ever drawing them in, converting them, infusing them with an unfounded frustration, to the point where I often feel that I’m in the middle of a 1980’s Woody Allen movie where the sky is always cloudy, the washing machine is perpetually broken, and I walk the days away wrapped in an oversized angst coat, shivering against a coldness that’s burrowed its way into my very bones.

            Of course I know that The Smiths were not the only band doing this, but man, they did it better than anyone else. Today I’m saddened that I forced myself to listen to this music because it was supposed to be cool, topping the college radio charts, because in fact, what I wanted to hear, and denied myself, was music that sounded as if it were fun to make and fun to sing about. Yes, I’ll freely admit that I’m a huge Galaxie 500 fan, and there is some darkness there, though mostly from inner band struggles, and not from a genuine or imposed sense of gloom and doom depression. Sincerely, how long can fans carry this weight before they are drawn under, stifled from air, and sink beneath the waters of some mossy dark pond.

            Morrissey’s vocals are like that of a ghost, and the band’s delivery do not so much attack you with aggression, but as millions of delicate relentless butterflies that at first seem beautiful, but they keep coming, pinned in pain, on and on and on, until they make it impossible to breathe.

            I’ve actually begun to believe that people only pretend to love The Smiths, just as anyone who tells you they love Sonic Youth or Radiohead is partly lying, because just because these bands got you though a rough time in your late teens or early twenty’s, doesn’t mean that you’re always going to feel that way. Now when I hear a song from The Smiths, it’s good for about ten seconds, then I begin to get angry, angry that I allowed myself to be taken down into the bogs by so many sudo-intellectual friends who though we were sharing a bit of a joke on the world, that the answers to all our issues could be solved if only we could touch the lyrics of The Smiths in mid air, where Morrissey would tell us how to live, where to live, who to love, what to eat, whom to hate … when in fact it was merely Morrissey singing these songs to himself, obsessed with everything around him, and the fact that he could not, dared not fit in. So perhaps once Morrissey didn’t fit in, but now, now I just see an older man who’s got to keep the depression thing going, it’s all he’s got, it’s all he’s selling, and I [?], I’m not buying.

            If The Smiths have managed to help anyone though difficult times I’m most glad that you found somewhere to turn, some voice for your frustrations. But the world is too large for anyone to allow themselves to be laced into the sad life of a lonely man, who seems to grow ever lonelier.

            Review by Jenell Kesler
            • chopper0012's avatar
              FYI the download code will not work you go to the address the card tells you but there is no option to download anything I contacted Rhino back in June but still no answer.

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