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VariousHardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1


LeviticusBurial (Exclusive V.I.P. Remix)5:39
Fusion (2)Judgement Day4:28
DubtronixScrewface 2 (G E Real Mix)4:15
Studio 1 (2)Dancing Feet (Exclusive V.I.P. Remix)5:15
Jungle WarriorNo Surrender6:04
Trip 3*The Crack5:55
Uncle 22Six Million Ways 2 Die (Exclusive V.I.P. Remix)5:59
Noise FactoryDreams4:04
TeegoPlenty Lovin4:25
Fusion (2)Love For The World (Bo Yaka Anthem)4:44
DJ Infinity & The BasicsParadise (Exclusive V.I.P. Remix)5:59
No ArtistStrictly Info
VariousExclusive Mega Mix By DJ Kenny Ken & MC G.Q. (A.W.O.L. / World Dance)44:25
VariousKenny Ken Mega Mix31:01


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4 versions
Cover of Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1, 1994, VinylHardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1
2×LP, Compilation
Strictly Hardcore – STHC LP 06UK1994UK1994
Cover of Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1, 1994, CDHardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1
CD, Compilation; CD, Mixed
Strictly Hardcore – STHC CD6UK1994UK1994
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Cover of Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1, 1994-00-00, CassetteHardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1
Cassette, Mixed
Strictly Hardcore – STHC MT6, Strictly Hardcore – STHC MT 006UK1994UK1994
New Submission
Cover of Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1, 1994, CassetteHardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1
Cassette, Compilation
Strictly Hardcore – STHC MC 6, Strictly Hardcore – STHC MC 006UK1994UK1994
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Jarlek's avatar
Edited 2 years ago
on my CD version the Burial is just the original, not the "exclusive" VIP mix, which it is on the cassette I had; but only as 2 slightly variable mixes by Kenny Ken (great for car fodder though).

Seems this release and its tunes differs from format to format which is disappointing as it was a great list of tracks and mixes from Kenny Ken of its time. I preferred the VIP Mix of Burial to the original as I liked the female vocals more, so it's a shame it's not on the actual CD release.

As noted Dreams is also different; they may be a few more I haven't gone through it entirely yet as just received it from the UK courtesy of me ma (!) and it's years since I last listened to it. All in all though a quality Jungle compilation from some of the big hitters of the time
thelaw84's avatar
Pretty sure that the version of Dreams here is a different version from the original mix, as released on Kemet on the Revelations EP. The version on this CD doesn't use the amen break.
Eruption44's avatar
I only like the Noise Factory - Dream on the first CD which sounds like star coned vintage street light (on a telegraph pole) not the other version that sounds like a round cone lamp post.
TennersTenTun's avatar
The further inside this press you get the quieter the tracks......However, There are some damn good remixes and tracks on here!
Glowlighthauntingz's avatar
Edited 8 years ago
Please note that the strictly info is included in the same track as Infinity & Basics - Paradise (Exclusive VIP Remix) right at the end. This however does not effect me or others that are not keen on the Paradise tune. All the other tunes are in the correct path. CD.2 is DJ Mixed but Noise Factory - Dreams is a different version to the listed version on CD.1
jam1's avatar
The so called exclusive vip mix of six million ways to die is the same as the Dub Technicians remix on here.
unsane's avatar
Edited 10 years ago
Bit of a shame really, this record, it has excellent and exclusive VIP mixes of Burial and 6 Million ways to die (The original Uncle 22 version rather than the Zinc version that came later) Neither of these remixes is available anywhere else, but sadly the pressing quality of this LP leaves something to be desired, with 3 tracks on each side and a lot of crackles even when I bought it brand new.