Nostalgia Di Un Giorno 4:39
Fabbricauto 2:58
Panorama Beach 2:39
Duo Ritmico 2:47
Vacanza Blu 3:00
Ariosa Apertura 2:47
Sentiero Allegro 2:21
Scioltezza Sportiva 2:25
Viaggio Nella Notte 2:47
Ritmica Distensiva 2:25
Carovana 3:39


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April 14, 2019
edited over 3 years ago
referencing Vacanze, LP, Mis, SR-ST 142, SR-SP 142

This stroke of a genius (or rather two geniuses!) is still a little under the radar, at least for my taste. It is a strong contender for the leisure/holliday topic in library music. Technically this is more of a Oronzo De Filippi record than a Alessandro Alessandroni one, at least according to the composer’s credits. However, one can not deny, that the whole record sounds like a fusion project of both of them. Like many others do!

To me, this is a supreme gem and you can hear these two composers at their highest peak. Beautiful and classic records like Prisma Sonoro, A Trip Around The World and Temi Ritmici E Dinamici sound like they were made in the same breath. Musically I would say Temi Ritmici E Dinamici comes the closest to Vacanze and personally I would rate this higher as Alessandroni’s butterfly records for example. Of course it is a matter of taste! Vacanze is one of those super fancy records, that will give you a little cooling on a hot summer day or after a hard working shift. With all it’s funky melancholy and dreamy atmosphere, it sounds like nothing else. Another one of those organic stress relievers, like the highly acclaimed Soft Illusions record for example.

One more interesting thing with this record is the cover. Apparently SR Records (6) had their last and final library batch made with catalogue numbers ST 140, 142, 143, 144, 145 in 1974. (What the hell happened to 141 by the way?). I got told (please correct me if you know better!), that the SR logo on the front and on the spine was simply forgotten on all of these covers. Apparently, these were scrapped and replaced by the ones with the logo. This would explain the fact, why two versions of each exist. Also it would explain, why most of the online sales entries, show rather the version with the logo, than without. It seems like they have scrapped the misprinted ones and have printed new ones. During that time some of the Vacanze records were spread around first with the misprinted sleeve and later without the sleeve. It would also explain, why most of the copies that appear for sale, are without the sleeve. If I had the possibility to choose one version, I would pick the misprinted without the logo as the cover is a beauty for itself and the logo is simply disturbing from the artistic perspective.

Another interesting point of view: If I was one of those fancy Instagrammers, I would be too vain to grab this piece of beautiful music for 250€ without cover. [Short reminder: A sleeveles copy has been sitting in the discogs marketplace for almost five years.] I would rather wait till infinity, until I can get a copy with the cover, at all costs. Like the copy that sold for 900€ in 2018. A picture of the record with the cover is priceless and will definitely get you more likes and respect and look even more chic on your Instagram account. F**k the music, give me likes! Unfortunately this is, what record collecting is all about nowadays…


February 9, 2018
referencing Vacanze, LP, SR-ST 142
any chance for a repress??? this is a truly overlooked gem