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    Cover of Crystlize / Deep Space, 1993, VinylCrystlize / Deep Space
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Dee Jay Recordings – DJX008UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Crystlize, 1993, VinylCrystlize
    12", Single Sided, Promo
    Dee Jay Recordings – DJX008UK1993UK1993
    Cover of Crystlize / Deep Space, 1993, VinylCrystlize / Deep Space
    12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Dee Jay Recordings – DJX008UK1993UK1993



    • gareth6592's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      Late Summer 93 , I was in Lucky Spin Kings Road and Trace was behind counter. He whacked Deep Space on in the shop full volume and fuck me I thought id had an outer body experience. Can honestly say as a 15 year old kid this blew my mind. Big up Crystl and Lucky Spin / Dee Jay Recs Forever just for this release alone!
      • gazaustin122's avatar
        Out now repress hardcore junglizm m m m m m
        • n_hookham's avatar
          The first time I heard this was July 1993 when Bukem dropped it as his first tune at a promo night at Quest in Wolverhampton. The crowd were blown away by the atmospherical dreamy melody, and rolling drums. DJ Crystal doesn't get the recognition he deserves as one of the pioneers of drum n bass. He and Doc Scott are on a par in terms of pioneering beats. I bought Warp Drive on Vinyl in 1992 but had it robbed from record bag, absolutely gutted. Massive shout to Dj Crystl.
          • Phix75's avatar
            Edited one year ago
            Both sides are simply stunning ! Deep space deserves a little more love on the comments and just edges the other for me personally.. beautiful craftsmanship yet again from Crystl (& Pete) this tune feels and sounds well ahead to me, meticulous attention to detail, the beat work alone is amazing !! Absolutely running.. such a well thought out journey of a tune.
            • colin75's avatar
              when it comes in at 2.50 mind blowing defo in the top 20 drum n base tunes of all time
              • wulzronaldson's avatar
                Love this, really do. numnuts rekons this is Crystl`s best but id have to say I prefer warp drive. Crystl pretty much blew my early teens mind, and I still rate his stuff to this day. Over 20 years and still holds up. fantastic.
                • numnuts001's avatar
                  Crystlize is a timeless classic, sounds as good now as it did back in 93 ... Would love to go back and hear this on a proper system again ! For me it's crystls best
                  • ozbeatproject's avatar
                    Edited 8 years ago
                    Deep Space is the tune on this 12"..Horrendously good track played by Fabio and many other top Dj's of the time..Words fail me as to why there is no soundfile of this particular track which easily makes this 12" well worth the money.
                    Deep Space soundfile is up now..About time..Naughty to leave it off!
                    • ThaDarkStranger's avatar
                      Edited 19 years ago
                      Yet another brilliant release by maestro DJ Crystl. This one from 1993 and still sounding lemon fresh. "Crystlize" is the main attraction here with Crystl´s trademark chopped "Amen"* breaks and some ethereal female vocal chants and strings, worked to perfection. Ruff with the smooth, this really is one of Crystl´s best. The flipside has a tune, which although not as good as "Crystlize" certainly has it´s moments. There Crystl sampled the beautiful albeit spooky strings from Quadrophonia´s "Quadrophonia" from back in 1990. Along with some cool rolling breaks (not the "Amen"* surprisingly!), the "We´re now ready for takeoff" speech and deep bass and we´ve got a great tune which always sounds good when mixed with some dark tunage. Classic Crystl is the order of the day here!

                      * For those who don´t understand all that "Amen" nonsense, here´s the skinny: The "Amen" beat is the most used breakbeat sample ever in jungle/drum&bass history (is still being used today all the time). It originates as a drummer´s solo breakdown from the 1969 funk tune "Amen, Brother" by The Winstons. DJ Crystl obviously loved that beat!

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