Narrow Minds5:22
Objective Existence6:15
Window On The Universe8:07
The Distant Drummer6:16
80lb Accent (Remix)4:34
Province (Remix)4:35
No Worries4:52
Rough (Remix)4:59
Get The Message7:02
Blind Vision7:11
Statue Of Gold5:43
Bonus Track3:42

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    Cover of Narrow Minds, 1994, VinylNarrow Minds
    2×LP, Album
    Out Of Romford Records – OOR 011UK1994UK1994
    Cover of Narrow Minds, 1994, CDNarrow Minds
    CD, Album
    Out Of Romford Records – OOR 011 CD, Out Of Romford Records – OOR 011 (CD)UK1994UK1994
    Cover of Narrow Minds / Blind Vision 4 Track EP, 1994, VinylNarrow Minds / Blind Vision 4 Track EP
    2×LP; 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP; All Media, Limited Edition
    Out Of Romford Records – OOR 011, Out Of Romford Records – OOR 010UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Narrow Minds / Blind Vision 4 Track EP, 1994, VinylNarrow Minds / Blind Vision 4 Track EP
    LP, Sampler, White Label
    Out Of Romford Records – OOR 011UK1994UK1994
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    • krspursuit's avatar
      The tunes are different on my release to what is listed on here. But has same cat number
      • traffic_cone's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        At a time when hardcore labels and producers were largely moving towards jungle or happy hardcore, New Decade / Out of Romford were unusual in moving towards techno/trance. Which is maybe why this album remains relatively obscure?

        But for me it's a wonderful snapshot of a time when rave music still had so much unexplored territory, and was developing in so many directions. There's some great breakbeat hardcore - all very different too, ranging from the epic "Statue of Gold", to the ravey "Get the Message", or my favourite "No Worries", a more floaty atmospheric tune that appeared on one of the Illegal Rave compilations. But also plenty of uptempo acid trance and techno - in the case of "Province remix", a savage hardcore techno track with aggressive snares and sinister strings (plus plenty of 303).

        Unfortunately the album format does mean the pressing is a touch quiet. But I really do love this album - I genuinely can't think of another release by a single artist that covers as wide a range of 90s rave music - and in an original, considered way too.
        • drexcia2's avatar
          Edited 5 years ago
          Disagree with the review below. This is a solid production, Highlighting New Decades best work from "Get The Message" To "80lb Accent (Remix)" . Demonstrating his ability to switch genres and produce Quality Acid Techno and Breakbeat Hardcore. This CD Reminds me of another underrated producer DJ EDGE who went on to produce a similar production to this. These Producer's were way ahead of there time unfortunately many of them disappeared after 1992.
          • stevs23's avatar
            Nothing messy about this. Every track is a killer. No fillers !
            • Brisk's avatar
              Not a great album by any means and it really does go all over the place (quite messily at times), but it does have some absolute classic old skool hardcore tracks in the form of 'No Worries', 'Rough' and 'Get The Message'. 'No Worries' in particular is one of the most underated, proper underground jungle classics you're likely to hear, with an amazing vocal. I actually think it is slightly too fast, but play it pitched down a little and it is just perfect. Worth finding this release just for this track alone.

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