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Unknown ArtistNovember Air5:18
Unknown Artistkr ms+800 bit4:21
Unknown ArtistSequin Innfoil (Ideal)4:36
Unknown ArtistEarthday7:03
Unknown ArtistSquidge3:42
Unknown ArtistVogon Poetry4:44
Unknown ArtistCelexa4:09
Unknown ArtistLuminous5:38
Unknown ArtistCassian Andor3:12
Unknown ArtistHardlines4:18
Unknown ArtistRadiocarbon Dating7:35
Unknown ArtistThe Pareto Principle3:20
Unknown ArtistLeft The Stove On3:41
Unknown ArtistAbly Rededicated8:12
Unknown ArtistInto The Belly4:12
Unknown ArtistSerum5:36
Unknown ArtistShoreline Conservation Project4:28
Unknown ArtistCarbon Puos5:40
Unknown ArtistArraad5:30
Unknown ArtistMellifluous Plinth6:58
Unknown ArtistImportance Of Solitude5:40
Unknown ArtistIme Abramsson5:37
Unknown ArtistThis Long Awaited Moment That Never Came5:40
Unknown ArtistQaul4:38
Unknown ArtistYtter6:53
Unknown ArtistAnother Day3:14

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Cover of Covert 3, 2018-11-30, FileCovert 3
26×File, FLAC, Compilation
Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support – TM233UK2018UK2018
Cover of Covert 3, 2018-11-30, CDrCovert 3
2×CDr, Album, Limited Edition
Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support – TM233UK2018UK2018
Cover of Covert 3, 2018-11-30, FileCovert 3
26×File, ALAC, Compilation
Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support – TM233UK2018UK2018


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I spent a little time examining the front cover, and found that if I assumed the large white pictographs translated to the album title, I could start deciphering recognizeable words. Please see images of this release for a breakdown of the translation, but the artists are listed from left to right below. Some artists were broken up over two columns. What I don't know is if the artists are listed in order of how they appear on the release. Some seem to line up with that assumption but the Plaid track would be an unusual turn for them if that is the case. I am not familiar with all of the artists to make a very comprehensive comparison of names to audio... All I know is that I had an enormous amount of fun doing this while listening to this great compilation!

Annwn Skyline
Quinoline Yellow
Karsten Pflum
John Tejada
Roel Funcken
Andrew Course
?? (UNCLEAR, Possibly "Lee and Frank" / [Lee Coombs & Frank Murder?])
Flint Kids
The Future Sound of London
Velum Break
Ariadnes Labyrinth
Sun Glitters
The Gasman
Norvum's avatar
"It's hard to remember a time when Touched Music wasn't around, a time when compilations were dour and bland, seemingly with no direction or purpose. Now in its fifth year, the charity label continues to startle us with releases of epic quality and skill.

Covert 3, the third compilation that anonymous artists, is no different. It's that time of year when Touched injects a little fun into the proceedings and keeps everyone on their toes - let the guessing begin!

They could be big names, they could be little names, they could be big names trying to be little or little names perfectly emulating big names. We just don't know, and whether you should care or not is really up to you to decide.

As usual I am torn. Half of me doesn't care who wrote a given piece and attempts to drag myself away from the cult of celebrity, thankful for both new music and the cause that it stands for. The other half just can't help but think about who this could possibly be, the analytical part of my brain going overdrive as it struggles to match up old musical memories with those newly-created as I listen.

Electronic music has always posed an analytical challenge, arguably richer in emotive responses thanks to the possibilities that modern sound design techniques offer us. It's also easy to get caught up on where you may have heard a particular sample before, whether it is in fact a sample or something freshly-synthesized, and where you might have heard that sound before - even if just for a fraction of a second. It's infuriating yet liberating at the same time.

If you can get past all of that, the Covert releases have always been a good exercise in releasing yourself from any pre-existing schema and attempting to experience music in its most pure form - simple audition and response, away from preconception and assumption. I must admit however that it's an exercise I often fail at and it's a skill I have yet to master.

Given the variety present it's hard to talk about everything but there are some definite highlights. 'November Air' introduces us, its murky analog beginning leading to a clear path ahead with even vocal samples and an air of public information videos.

It's immediately counterpointed by 'kr ms+800', displaying snappy cut-offs and interleaving melodies, this could easily have come from a Warp release. It's got that half-bar hi-hat signature punch of everyone's favourite Cornish pasty that fits in beautifully. All of a sudden I have the urge to play with a box of teeth.

'Squidge' I could listen to for hours. Anyone familiar with the Jam Radio Show would appreciate how fitting it would sound behind some screwed-up Chris Morris poetry. If 'Radiocarbon Dating' was any more electronic it would be an actual robot singing to you, it's fantastic.

The longest piece on the release, 'Ably Rededicated', is nice and plucky and its length is welcome, and it's beautifully-structured to boot. This is in massive contrast to what immediately follows - 'The Pareto Principle' is so broken that it pretty much goes full circle and manages to mend itself.

The happiest few minutes of my month have been when listening to 'Serum', it's so uplifting and it doesn't get more joyful than this. I'm 90% certain who this might be but just like most of my guesses I bet it's wrong.

My personal favourite has to be 'Carbon Puos'. There's a lot going on here and the style is an incredible emulation of one of the more famous artists out there. Whoever did this has done an incredible job with its immersive experience and constant change. This is a true example of call and response, one might say it 'draqks' you in and spits you out.

As with many of the recent Touched releases, Covert 3 is a smart-looking thing. Once again beautiful artwork adorns the case - this time a half-size DVD case containing two discs that just looks neat and pure future. 233 of these will be available as well as the digital edition.

All proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support - any good feelings you experience are of course thrown in free of charge. Enjoy!"