OutrageThat Piano Track / Drives Me Crazy



That Piano Track7:10
Drives Me Crazy4:33

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    Cover of That Piano Track, 1992, VinylThat Piano Track
    12", 45 RPM, Mispress
    Junior Boy's Own – JBO 06-12UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Drives Me Crazy / Tall 'N' Hansome, 1992, VinylDrives Me Crazy / Tall 'N' Hansome
    12", 45 RPM, Promo
    FFRR – HSX 1UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of That Piano Track / Drives Me Crazy, 1992, VinylThat Piano Track / Drives Me Crazy
    12", 45 RPM
    Junior Boy's Own – JBO 6-12UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of Drives Me Crazy / That Piano Track, 1992, VinylDrives Me Crazy / That Piano Track
    12", Promo, White Label
    Junior Boy's Own – JBO 006UK1992UK1992
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    Cover of That Piano Track / Drives Me Crazy, 1993, VinylThat Piano Track / Drives Me Crazy
    12", 45 RPM
    ZYX Music – ZYX 6929-12Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of That Piano Track, 1993, CDThat Piano Track
    CD, Maxi-Single
    ZYX Music – ZYX 6929-8Germany1993Germany1993
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    • DJ-SMiDDY's avatar
      This is one of those records that is really cool to listen to through headphones. Lots of almost mono to wide stereo switches then left to right ear vocals in Drives me Crazy. That Piano Track - What a tune!!! This should be in everybody's box. I get lost in this record.
      • Johnmarcus's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        One of my favourite 12" with two great tracks.
        "That Piano Track" - builds with a nice mellow synth riff, strings come in layered over the top building the atmosphere, then a few piano stabs, with the track continuing to build until it drops out with just the piano, them come the piano building & building layer upon layer, with the rest of the track layering back in. Great classy piano tune, that still sounds good today.
        "Drives Me Crazy" - Starts with some funky percussive loops & "Something About You Drives Me Crazy" vocal, piano builds in, then comes the breakdown and we are off with a funky guitar loop driving the track, synths, strings etc all come into the track as it builds and different elements drop out, keeping it interesting all the way through, and a really funky tune.
        Great 12" with two really strong tracks, really worth a listen.
          • Sunbird76's avatar
            This really is a stunning house track even after all these years!!! Haven't check out Fabio but will try to track some stuff down.
            • fred_funk's avatar
              This is one of the few house tunes (That Piano Track) that has been properly named. Upon hearing this song (particularly for the people who would have been clubbing in 1993) there is a real chance that you will say to yourself: "Oh, that piano track," therefore the tune has been well named. I rest my case.
              An absolutely gargantuan tune on the dancefloor.

              I still think think it is one of lifes little mysteries as to why Fabi Paras never quite made it in terms of the whole UK DJ superstar thing. He had more ability than the majority of them put together. I recommend hunting down all of his tunes. Obscure and brilliant - a winning combination!

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