BLNRewired Reworked Vol. 1

BLN - Rewired Reworked Vol. 1 album cover
Style:IDM, Ambient


Basementgrrr*Gothenburg (BLN Remix)4:58
BLNThe Round Cube4:00
Nine Inch NailsIn This Twilight (BLN Remix)3:08
Roel FunckenFliquid Low (BLN Remix)4:49
PlaidTether (BLN Remix)5:07
BLN, YvatMore3:03
MidimodeFerrumones (BLN Remix)4:27
Port Royal*Sovereign Raiders (BLN Remix)4:05
Phylum SinterBack 2,1 (BLN Remix)3:51
Min-Y-LlanA Thousand Years Of Darkness (BLN Remix)4:42
BLN, YvatTwo5:18


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    Cover of Rewired Reworked Vol. 1, 2018-03-22, CDrRewired Reworked Vol. 1
    CDr, Compilation
    Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support – TM50UK2018UK2018
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    Cover of Rewired Reworked Vol. 1, 2018-03-22, FileRewired Reworked Vol. 1
    18×File, ALAC, Compilation
    Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support – TM50UK2018UK2018



    • Norvum's avatar
      It's officially Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere. The birds & the bees are at it again and so it appears are the artists of Touched Music, ever-generously contributing their work for a good cause.
      This time round our benefactor is Romanian Victor Popescu, better known to you & I as BLN. Previously appearing on our compilations and remix releases, BLN sees "Reworked Rewired" out on Touched this March.
      On the live scene since 1997, Victor brings us his ever-pleasing mix of rich sound and technical rhythm and makes his first appearance on Touched after his debut album on Square Sound Records in 2010 and a stint at Raumklang Music.
      It's a fine display of skill, where both original works and remixes coexisting in a big and happy wonderland, ordered well that makes the whole package a great adventure.
      Opening with a thoughtful reworking of Basementgrrr, we are quickly taken to a lush place with "The Round Cube", before a track of special note, a remix of Nine Inch Nails' 'In This Twillight'. The almost-haunting melody and pacing is only improved upon with thoughtful electronic noise and beats.
      'Mad' just makes you want to robot dance, it's an awesome post-Dubstep-Acid mash which follows on from the NiN track with all the squelch one would need for a week.
      Some may remember Plaid's remix competition back in 2014 to conincide with the release of 'Reachy Prints', where artists were invited to remix the fantastic 'Tether'. Well, Victor did remix it incredibly well, so it's great to have the pleasure of including his version with this album. Ed & Andy would be proud.
      Further remixes of Roel Funcken, Midimode, Port Royal, Phylum Sinter and Touched's very own Min-Y-Llan make this release extra special, as if all the original noise on here wasn't enough.
      To top it all off, two of the tracks are teaming up with Yvat, which take a somewhat darker turn and accentuate the whole thing nicely.

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