Fly Like A Rat
Swamp Buggy Badass
Squirrel Gardens
Witch In The Club
Tea Time
French Quarter Faggot
God Of Thunder
The Chatterbox
Dream Captains
Love Is Like A Blob


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    Cover of Swamp Tech, 2005-10-17, CDSwamp Tech
    CD, Album; DVD
    Tigerbeat6 – MEOW119US2005US2005
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    Cover of Swamp Tech, 2005-10-17, VinylSwamp Tech
    LP, Album
    Tigerbeat6 – MEOW119LPUS2005US2005
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    Cover of Swamp Tech, 2005-10-17, VinylSwamp Tech
    Album, LP
    Trans Solar – SOL 032Europe2005Europe2005
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    Cover of Swamp Tech / Electric Swamp, 2005, CDSwamp Tech / Electric Swamp
    CD, Album; DVD
    Trans Solar – .032Europe2005Europe2005
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    Cover of Swamp Tech, 2007, CDSwamp Tech
    CD, Album, with OBI
    Trans Solar – .032Russia2007Russia2007
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    • Jibberscrabst's avatar
      Came with a hole punched in the cd insert? What's up with that?
      • Filmore_Mescalito_Holmes's avatar
        Edited 18 years ago
        This release has sure gathered some unfair weight since it showed up in my mailbox. Granted tracks like “French Quarter Faggot” are somewhat less ill-timed than The Coup’s burning twin towers cover released in North America on the Tuesday that was 9/11, but more seriously insofar as Quintron and Miss Pussycat live(d) in New Orleans and had to evacuate with everyone else, putting two more higher profile faces to that catastrophe. That makes Quintron’s ninth LP a point of note for sure, but it’s the fact that the whole of Swamp Tech was recorded live onto a two track machine with no multi-tracking that makes it remarkable. Quint played a custom synth/organ through a homemade bass cabinet, a Leslie 144, drum machine, high hat, gong, and drum buddy as well as singing most of the vocals. “Dream Captain” is by far the most appropriate emotional track here, flowing a slow bubble & Roland synth squeals around a simple techno beat with Steppenwolf organs and sixties AM radio soul vocals. Even as a modest N’Orleans tribute, everyone should listen to this track. However, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see “French Quarter Faggot” go the way of The Strokes’ “NY City Cops.”

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