Elliott PeckFurther From The Storm


Side One
River's Path
Silver & Gold
One Of Those Days
Highway Song
Out Sailing
Side Two
Good For You I Guess
Leave Me By The Sea
Hard Lines
I Lost It
Another Life Ago
Give It Away

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    Cover of Further From The Storm, 2018-10-19, CDFurther From The Storm
    CD, Album
    Blue Rose Music (2) – BRM-1016US2018US2018
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    Cover of Further From The Storm, 2018-10-19, VinylFurther From The Storm
    LP, Album
    Blue Rose Music (2) – BRM-1016US2018US2018
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      Elliott Peck, who has recorded as part of the band Midnight North, does an extraordinary job on her freshman solo set. Her music runs in a familiar groove in a pop-rock-country vein. It is her expressive voice, sterling session musicians and great production by Karl Derfler who has worked with Tom Waits, Dave Matthews and Steve Forbert that distinguishes the set.

      The mid-tempo track "Silver & Gold" pops out of the speakers with energy and Elliott's vocals somewhere between sadness and disgust , "You can buy your way with silver; you can buy your way with gold; it doesn't mean it's yours; it only means it's sold." "Highway Song" slows the pace with pedal steel and Elliott's gorgeous vocals filled with longing, "Meet me on a highway somewhere between Roanoke and Baltimore; we can sing some tunes like Johnny & June; make the most of this time together." The tune "Another Life Ago" is a slow weeper that allows Peck's vocals to hit the emotional stratosphere, "When you walk like that and talk like that, I say 'no', it was another lifetime ago."

      Elliott covers the Lucinda Williams' tune "I Lost It," does a great job on the bluesy tearjerker "One of These Days," the breakup rocker "Good for You I Guess," and the tear-in-your beer last call "Hard Lines." This is an exciting start for an extremely promising new artist. Enjoy!

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