Alexander RobotnickOh No.... Robotnick!


Strobo 1223:53
Je t'envoie4:00
Oui Je Thème3:22
Blue Electric Lines3:32
What I am4:03
La Différence3:51
The Small Bedroom4:02

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    Cover of Oh No.... Robotnick!, 2002, VinylOh No.... Robotnick!
    2×LP, Album
    Hot Elephant Music – HEM0204Italy2002Italy2002
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    Cover of Oh No.... Robotnick!, 2003-02-10, CDOh No.... Robotnick!
    Hot Elephant Music – HEM0104Italy2003Italy2003
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    • tomvs's avatar
      someone repress this one please!! very fresh and impossible to buy...
      • FrancescoDelKeta's avatar
        Maurizio Dami (Robotnick) talkd about this album in an interview:

        What’s been your method for creating this studio? Has it been a gradual accumulation or a bulk purchase? Any key inspirations in pulling it together?

        Let me be clear. I started I was about 30. Now I’m 72. You can imagine how many changes I’ve made. Anyway at the end of 80s my dream was to put all wires, gear and synths into the trash can and to have just a small computer that allowed me to produce music wherever I was. At the end of 90s I made that dream come true. I produced an album (Oh no! Robotnick!) and the audience reacted like this: “Where’s the Robotnick’s sound?”. I understood. So in few years I bought back all the previously sold stuff. Luckily at that time I was Djing and I had some money. Moreover still the prices of analog synths weren’t that high.

        Anyway I never created a studio. The tools came and went according to my needs and the kind of music I was doing. I’m not a collector, I am not an engineer. I don’t believe much in the cult of technology. Some of my early tracks I made using a 4 track cassette recorder that still sounds fresh to my ears. Likewise I appreciate something I have recently produced. What is important is the intention you have rather than the tools.

        full interview here:

        ahh and great album imo!
        • grooveReducshun's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          As previously explained by other reviewers…most of these tracks you can set the floor in epic dance ….. buy this … acid , electro . Deep house
          • greenlink's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            Oh No....Robotnick! Or should I say Robotniqué?

            This is, without a doubt, a true underrated chili-cheese nugget, filled with intercultural fromage from various cuisines of our globe, seasoned with finest Italian craftsmanship. Each course serves a unique flavor, ranging from superficial themes like love & rejection to more important things in life - Kalbsleberwurst & Körperpflegecreme.

            Robotnick created a special menu, sometimes adding odd spices while rarely pushing it too far and most importantly: staying true to his electronic identity. Not all of the dishes are 100% my taste, but if you make the right choice like "Supermarket", "Oui Je Thème", "Je T'envoie" and "Strobo 122" I´m sure you won´t be disappointed and will come back for many more visits.

            Seeing that this album clearly didn´t get the attention it deserves till now, I am sure this will skyrocket in value very soonish! So better be quick... because you want this mouthwatering nutritious slice in your life and we all know-
            too many cooks spoil the broth.

            bon appetité!

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