VariousAustralian EP


Submerge (2)Land Of Creation
AapogeEThe Force (Come To The Darkside Mix)
DAMC + DJ BrendonWe Are The Future
Down Underground (a.k.a. D.U.G)*DJ-Re-Do
DJ PMAAfter Burner


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    Cover of Australian EP, 1994, VinylAustralian EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Rabbit City Records – ✱014UK1994UK1994
    Cover of Australian EP, 1994-04-18, VinylAustralian EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Rabbit City Records – CUT 014UK1994UK1994
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    • -desfax-'s avatar
      A sound in the track B2 and the title of the EP invites to think that this record was the inspiration of Koala - Australia (1997)
      • ALIENPROBE's avatar
        So is this a promo? I have release CUT014 but with full release labels as found on the cat no *014.should there be a third release added?
        • Bambadeng's avatar
          The voice sample used in "We Are The Future" stems from the movie "Ghosts… of the Civil Dead".
          • V-Agent's avatar
            I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Plummer (PMA) put the finishing touches on "After Burner" A true professional, right to this day. Shame Adelaide cannot provide a market for it's producers to pay their bills with.
            For someone who has been producing since 1990, if he lived anywhere else, he'd be that 'International Headline act', Dj X from such-and-such etc.
            And so would the rest of us...

            "After Burner" is the standout track on this E.P. Excellent Acid track with a Horsepower- style hoover riff you just cannot get sick of. It's the one which has'nt aged yet - the golden sign.
            This was the track that Gordon Edge heard when he came to Adelaid to play at the Arkaba and convinced him to organise this release.

            (This track was originally ressed on a local project called the "Jigsaw" E.P. which I had the unfortunate 'luck' to have gotten involved in (no credits, no gig, no cash...nothin')
            This was an 'official' record made for a party (Jigsaw)
            a' la Mayday\Omen\Universe, etc, as was the fad in those days, for which a host of Adelaide Producers were pulled in to write tracks for the Promoter\Dj's who organised that show - idea being that the 'Headliners' had to have a track for the gig, even without studios or an idea. Outside of PMA & DAMC none of the producers got to play, or even put their names to THEIR tracks.
            Mark & DAMC were the only people who had their own studio and actually made (heaps) of tracks.

            The "Jigsaw E.P. " is a great Australian underground release (if you can find one of the 400 white labels outside of Adelaide !) for all the B.S. and provides a rare glimpse of what Adelaide's 'other' producers were doing and how much raw talent was squandered by the 'Industry' in our fair city.

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