Martinů* - Prague Chamber Orchestra ‎– 5 Serenades

Recorded at the Dvořák Hall of the House of Artists, Prague, in January and March 1987.

Some reissues include an additional Serenade for violin, viola, cello and two clarinets, H. 334, from a different recording session.


Serenade No. 1 For Clarinet, French Horn, Three Violins And Viola (6:42)
I. Allegro Moderato 2:04
II. Larghetto 2:37
III. Allegro 2:01
Serenade No. 2 For Two Violins And Viola (6:34)
I. Allegro 1:39
II. Poco Andante 2:51
III. Allegro Con Brio 2:04
Serenade No. 3 For Oboe, Clarinet, Four Violins And Cello (6:40)
I. Poco Allegro 1:48
II. Thema Con Variazioni: Andante Poco Moderato 4:52
Serenade No. 4 (Divertimento) For Violin, Viola, Oboe, Piano And String Orchestra (7:24)
I. Allegro 2:35
II. Andante Moderato 2:26
III. Allegretto 2:23
Serenade For Chamber Orchestra ("To Albert Roussel") (11:39)
I. Allegro 3:27
II. Andantino Moderato 3:24
III. Allegretto 1:43
IV. Allegro 3:05

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