Microwave PrinceA Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles


Cyclic Evolution9:13
Golden Times8:41
Eternal Light10:55
Solar Eclipse9:08
Rat Poison8:49
Land Of The Iron Bubbles7:37
The Colour Of Love7:01
Trancemitter Online7:46

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    Cover of A Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles, 1995, CDA Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles
    CD, Compilation
    Le Petit Prince – PRINCD 95/27Germany1995Germany1995
    Cover of A Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles, , FileA Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles
    9×File, MP3, Compilation, VBR
    Le Petit Prince – noneGermanyGermany


    • bogdiscogs's avatar
      Does anybody know where the digital albums are available to buy?
      I dont find this one at the known places. Thx
      • DJ-Safecracker's avatar
        A great acid album with some killer tracks. Some of the them are quite long but the slow build ups and the 303's which are tweaked perfectly to create some explosive intensity make sure they never feel dull or too repetitive. I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon this CD.
        • Transimaginism's avatar
          For those like me who don't have turntables, it's a dear luck to catch those old cd's which sum up the whole genius of some artists.

          Here it's totally the case! Just forget "I need your love", it's kind of pumping trance yes, but far far from the outstanding quality of those tracks, which are either soft acid lines and melodies, just as "Cyclic evolution" or "Golden times", or banging acid killers just like "Rat Poison " ...
          But there all are nice tracks, with a flavour on their own, nothing is too much here, everything's fine and well constructed. And sometimes we land into magic with "eternal light" ...a mid-tempo techno track with a real house felling, but also solft melody that takes you to the real boundaries of the mind, body, and soul...


          A cd worth buying for those who missed the ep's!!

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