The Caretaker ‎– Everywhere, An Empty Bliss

Released to coincide with the completion of Everywhere At The End Of Time.
This bonus download edition from the archives is presented from the Ivan Seal / The Caretaker exhibition "Everywhere, an empty bliss" at FRAC Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand, France (April 7th till June 16th, 2019).

Notes accompanying the release:

"Work on 'Everywhere, at the end of time' was all consuming
as you can imagine. All work and no play, all work and no play.
In celebration of its completion and only for a limited time
here is a surprise golden farewell.
Compliments of the house.
Offering you one last chance to raise a charged glass for
those we lost along the way, for all the works, for those ghosts
from our past, for our uncertain future and for The Caretaker.
You are of course welcome to purchase me a drink if you find
this work to be of personal value.
As the old saying goes "I'm the type of guy who likes to know
who's buying their drinks, Lloyd."
Thanks eternally for your support.
C'est fini."


Loss Of Want Back There 5:20
I Might Be Vanishing 0:09
Empty Beyond Beyond Beyond 1:22
Losing Battle Of Loss 2:40
Advanced Plaque Camaraderie 3:05
All Eyes Bewildered 3:24
Glimpses Of Life Denial 2:36
Equinox Eyes Will Stop 2:59
Losing Loss Of Battle 2:38
Plaque Advanced Despair 2:55
Benjamin Beyond Bliss 1:06
Drifting Sublime Hope 3:35
Minimal All You Are 3:38
Internal Unravel 3:38
Dusk Memory Fraction 3:00
Entanglement Synapse Ache 3:23
And Bliss Everywhere Bliss 3:57

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December 28, 2020
referencing Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, 17xFile, FLAC, 24 , HAFTW022-DL

As a review on the entire series, I'll say it's a unique experience and I was glad I tried it out. But, After I listened to the entire series, I wasn't amazed, impressed or blown away by any means. Sure I din't regret my listening experience, but I wouldn't just reccomend it to everybody. To many that may seem obvious, but to me it's important on how accessable the story is.
All in all: 5/10 -> 2/5


November 2, 2020
edited 11 months ago
referencing Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, 17xFile, FLAC, 24 , HAFTW022-DL
Book and CD available direct from the FRAC Gallery website for 19 Euros - don't pay the scalpers:


July 25, 2020
referencing Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, 17xFile, WAV, HAFTW022-DL
I dont understand, what is it exactly? I was hoping its a shortened version, but looks like its not.


May 14, 2019
referencing Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, CD, HAFTW022
Unfortunately, the "Equinox Eyes Will Stop" is not on the CD version...