VariousYoyo A Go Go - Another Live Compilation - July 15-20 1997

Various - Yoyo A Go Go - Another Live Compilation - July 15-20 1997 album cover
Style:Indie Rock


ICU*Sound Check3:18
Jason TraegerGood Thing2:06
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss HerPink Soda2:50
Some Velvet SidewalkClearhead4:53
Dead MoonPoor Born2:31
Sleater-KinneyDance Song '973:43
The FeelingsEedleeedleeedle4:25
KirihitoD-N-A +3:07
Bedhead The Prophet N.L.S.L.*Obscene Tank Driver1:15
Loud Machine 0.5Loud Machine5:07
Dub Narcotic Sound SystemDub Narcotic Express6:04
The Mountain GoatsRaid On Entebbe2:19
Jenn Kliese And Khaela MaricichA Girl In The Sky3:07
Little Red Car WreckCrashing Cars1:46
Mecca NormalStep Into My Sphere3:03
Nikki McClureGodzilla2:51
The CrabsDebutante2:50
Mirah (3)Tumwater Falls3:15
Modest MouseDirty Fingernail4:31
Lois (3)Davey3:17
The NeedCrown2:35
KarpBacon Industry4:35
Built To SpillStop The Show3:28
Elliott SmithRose Parade3:23

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    Cover of Yoyo A Go Go - Another Live Compilation - July 15-20 1997, 1999-01-26, VinylYoyo A Go Go - Another Live Compilation - July 15-20 1997
    2×LP, Compilation
    Yoyo Recordings – YOYO-LP-10US1999US1999
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    Cover of Yoyo A Go Go (Another Live Compilation) (July 15-20 1997), 1999, CDYoyo A Go Go (Another Live Compilation) (July 15-20 1997)
    CD, Compilation
    Yoyo Recordings – YOYO CD-10US1999US1999
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    • rogersbowne's avatar
      It's generally awful outside the Modest Mouse track. I hope most of these people went on to jobs they were good at.
      • blind_squirrel's avatar
        Edited 13 years ago
        I have listened to this compilation many, many times and have come to love it. While some tracks are pretty noisy and not necessarily great like "Loud Machine", there are a lot of gems on this one and it feels like this festival in '97 was very nice to see.

        I bought it because I'm collecting Smith records, but his version of Rose Parade isn't too far off the albeit brilliant Either/Or version of that year, just him solo with his guitar. Some of the bands which went on to get some sort of fame deliver pretty well here, namely Built To Spill, an early, for the lack of words, rather heavy Modest Mouse, with Brock shouting "Dirty Fingernail!" over and over again, also Sleater-Kinney with a nice energetic version of their song.

        But what I like most is the singer/songwriter, Lo-Fi stuff on here, in my opinion with some gems. Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, bit of a misleading name for a solo act, is quoting the brilliant "A Case Of You" by Joni Mitchell to start his short song, a small highlight for me on this LP. Other highlights are Jason Traeger, The Feelings, Little Red Car Wreck, Mecca Normal and Mirah in the singer/songwriter section of this compilation, so there is definitely a lot to explore.

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