Nüw Idol - Polly's Pharmacy as reviewed by Matt-THE-Geeza

May 27, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Polly's Pharmacy, 12", WW2

"Polly's Pharmacy" is the ultimate tune to represent the darker side of Trance, even though that dropping bongo drum sound sounds like the music at the start of a British 80's/early 90's childrens TV programme "Pigeon Street"!

If you like that sound of the driving dropping riff (if you've heard it you'll know what i mean - that's all i can say!) check out: Mario Piu' "Matrix" [CAT# BXR 1119] and Alice Deejay "The Lonely One" (DJ Goetz & Marc A Remix) [CAT# 12TIV-145]. Although i have never mixed them together before i know they would sound fantastic because of that link.

Nüw Idol - Polly's Pharmacy Jarren

January 31, 2010
referencing Polly's Pharmacy, 12", WW2

Definitely! That Alice Deejay remix is a bit of a hidden weapon for me! I mean, who the hell would ever believe it's a remix of Alice Deejay?

Polly's Pharmacy is a sublime track. Nothing sounds quite like it (though others have imitated it)...