Vanessa FernandezI Want You

Vanessa Fernandez - I Want You album cover


Right On For The Darkness
I Want You
Every Time You Go Away
Hey Stranger (Album Mix)
Angel Dust
Tripping Out
Billie Jean
I Will Survive
Back To Black
Hey Stranger (Alternate Mix)

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    Cover of I Want You, 2019, VinylI Want You
    2×12", 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo, 180g
    Groove Note – GRV 1200-1US2019US2019
    New Submission
    Cover of I Want You, 2019, SACDI Want You
    SACD, Hybrid, Stereo, Album
    Groove Note – GRV1200-3Europe2019Europe2019
    New Submission



    • evowhite777's avatar
      Edited 2 months ago
      System used:
      Cd Player - rega apollo r cdp(synergistic fuse)
      Dac - Ares ii balanced outputs
      Pre - musical fidelity m6s class a fully balanced
      Power amp - meridian G57 dual mono fully balanced
      Speakers - Tannoy
      Cabling - Tellurium q
      Isolation/support - isoacoustics

      This is a Killer cd layer from a SACD it sounds very much like a "AAA Vinyl pressing" this is compared to her "Use Me" vinyl LP AAA(
      A few advantages of the sacd are no surface,no sibilance,no warping,no off center spindle hole,and as long as your digital front end is up to the job,no lost of sound quality compared to the vinyl copy and don`t forget the BIGGEST one - P-R-I-C-E!

      Personally I prefer "I Want You" over "Use Me" and I`m more inclined tom play a vinyl record than a cd(for sound quality),this has a better track selection of covers with more upbeat tunes & less acoustic material.
      Once again just like "Use Me" the recording & mastering are top-notch it`s digital so no background noise to distract from the "Wonderful" music on disc. With the cool selection of covers as long as you like rock,pop & soul you`ll find/hear something very much to your liking.
      Highly recommended five stars thank you for reading.

      Music:5.0 Phenomenal!
      Mastering/remastering 5.0
      Jewel case:4.5 sacd jewel cases are made to a high standard than redbook cd only cases
      • EarlGreyt's avatar
        As amazing a recording this is, and one of the best cover albums I've heard, there seems to be a pressing defect that affects at least part of the run. Record one-of-two exhibits very noticeable siblance distortion from the left channel. Record 2 (sides C & D) is perfect.

        None of my 1400 other records exhibit siblance distortion. To be sure, as I like this record so much, I bought a second copy, and again, Record 1 has the same issue. Both copies were brand new / factory sealed.

        I reached out to the seller, the label, and finally the pressing plant. Nobody was willing to assist. I suspect this is an issue being swept under the rug for this release, sadly.

        Hopefully, others aren't so unlucky. Otherwise, GREAT music !!
        • simepro's avatar
          This is an incredible piece of work. Bass is tight and crisp. The band sounds like they are in my room. Probably one of the best recorded records I have. Please buy this.
          • vinyljos's avatar
            Edited one year ago
            Without a shadow of doubt a fantastic sounding recording and pressings from first to last grooves. Highly recommended for friends of the genre.
            • behold888's avatar
              My copy is EXTREMELY noisy, but I have a hard time believing that this is an issue of the whole run. I will contact the dealer (Acoustic Sounds) to see if there's anything that can be done.
              • openreeltoreel's avatar
                where the final 30 ips 1/4 inch stereo master reel to reel tape?

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