IsoléeWe Are Monster


Mädchen Mit Hase
My Hi-Matic
Do Re Mi
Face B
Jelly Baby/Fish
Are You Gonna Make It

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    Cover of We Are Monster, 2005, CDWe Are Monster
    CD, Album
    Playhouse – PLAY CD 15Germany2005Germany2005
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    Cover of We Are Monster, 2005-05-00, VinylWe Are Monster
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Playhouse – PLAY 115Germany2005Germany2005
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    Cover of We Are Monster, 2005, CDWe Are Monster
    CD, Album, Promo, cardboard sleeve
    Playhouse – PLAY CD 15Germany2005Germany2005
    New Submission
    We Are Monster
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, White Label
    Playhouse – PLAY 115Germany2005Germany2005
    New Submission
    Cover of We Are Monster, 2011-02-25, CDWe Are Monster
    CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak
    Pampa Records – PAMPA CD 004Germany2011Germany2011
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    • memoryland's avatar
      "Hermelin" & "Lost" are both edited down for this release, original durations are 8:18 & 9:25 respectively. Full "Lost" is availbale on "Western Store" compilation. Mastering of tracks 1-10 is identical to that of the original 2005 CD release.
      • RonRec76's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        Incredible Isolee album. The vinyl version exudes the most exquisite sonic details...
        • JLen's avatar
          Words can't describe how good this album is..........
          • some-guy's avatar
            face b is one of my favorite songs. love it. the album is good to.
            • andyman5's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              What a gloriously delicious record. Deep beats and techy wonky noises that blip, drip, and glitch along and that are interlaced between with odd little songs about jellyfish and other peculiar tidbits. The closing track 'Pillowtalk' is a delightful comedown track just slightly reminescent of 'Beau Mot Plage' in its use of keyboard technique. A gem of an album from a unique artist.
              • simonclicks's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                Another highly original release from Isolée. Rajko Müller gives us a huge demonstration of how to use strings, guitars, beats and other electronic stuff in an imaginative and propulsive way. Just Awesome!
                • Bleep43's avatar
                  Edited 18 years ago
                  Releasing a landmark LP and then disappearing for 5 years before bringing out a new one usually spells disaster for most artists. The weight of expectation usually buries good LPs because essentially they're not quite up to the first one. "Rest" was a great LP, and the subsequent massive hit "Beau Mot Plage" redefined the new breed of European house, giving it an irresistable Balearic edge that only to be fair, Luomo could stand up to.

                  "We are Monster" however is nothing like "Rest" and plaudits should be handed to Mr Muller for not going down a path that many might expect him to. Is "Microhouse" dead now? Instead of glitch and the like, we've got guitars, disco and plenty of other unexpected influences in an album that doesn't grab at first listen, but provides so many little moments of satisfaction that slowly but surely you feel yourself drawn to it. Followers might immediately latch onto the last track "Pillowtrack", full of sinewy sequenced tropes that are his trademark, and also to the Clone-esque stomp of "My Hi-Matic" but in general this is a different angle from Mr Muller and we're richer for hearing it.

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