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    Cover of Energizer 2, 1992-00-00, VinylEnergizer 2
    12", 45 RPM
    Energizer – DP 2UK1992UK1992
    Cover of Energizer 2, 2018, VinylEnergizer 2
    12", 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered, White Label
    Energizer – DP 2UK2018UK2018
    New Submission
    Cover of Energizer 2, , FileEnergizer 2
    2×File, FLAC
    Energizer – DP 2UKUK
    New Submission
    • Plznoscam's avatar
      Edited 27 days ago
      The sound quality is great imo, I should've bought two copies. Upon buying the record, you also got the .FLAC or .WAV files of each side.

      Originally part of the limited edition, remastered 1 in 5 collection of all the energizers, this one is a reissued, repressed, remaster, by M.P.S. (Music Preservation Society).

      I'm not sure if all the info already listed on this page is entirely correct, but here's what's on my copy:

      Catalog Number/Record Label: ENERGIZER LP 001/ADR

      Speed/Format: 45RPM/Vinyl (12")

      Etched in the blank grooves, Closest (And farthest) to the label:

      Side A: "Energizer LPOO1", "A", "Disc 2", "Final Tweek"

      Side B: "Energizer LP OO1", "B", "Disc 7", "Final Tweek", "2018" Etched in quotes is "No Samples Here"

      Expended sample list:

      Sample list (Probably not in order):

      Track A:
      New Class A - Feel The Rhythm
      Intellect - Throw Your Hands Up
      Original Concept - Total Confusion
      Bizarre Inc - Raise Me (Ascension Mix)
      Nebula ll - Antheama (Original)
      MK13 - Sensory Deception (Remix)
      Anticappella - 2/231
      Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
      Zero B - Lock Up
      M-D-Emm - Get Down
      The Aphex Twin - Digeridoo (Original)

      Track B samples:
      Bomb The Bass - Megablast Rap
      Anticappella - 2/231
      • glitchtrauma's avatar
        legendary immortal gear 100/10. how many samplers did you need in '92 to make this lol.
        • DJCL's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          Some Bloke from the UK I used to work with at various clubs gave me a cassette that was a "Live Set" of Ellis Dee from '92 in a spot show with an MC. the entire first 30 minutes of the tape was Energizer 2. I have heard Ellis Dee play and would never think of him doing this. But an MC hot dogging and grandstanding his name over Energizer 2 as if it was live?. Did this happen? i know of the DAT Fantazia story, but did Ellis Dee tour with this as his show?
          • Ed_Darko's avatar
            This should probably be logged as ENERGIZER LP001 DISC 2, as Energizer 3 is DISC 3 and so forth.
            • guybrad's avatar
              Edited 3 years ago
              This is one we used to hammer in '92. Best of Energisers in MHO and got some great samples in it.
              • ernest.strack's avatar
                Raise me by is missing from As sample list
                • burnsie1969's avatar
                  Urban shakedown - Some Justice is missing from the samples list!
                  • sethrotull7's avatar

                    This page has three youtube videos. side A and side B plus another track. Can you poss tell me which two records are on this record?
                    • BlueMoonWax's avatar
                      Great track. The timestretched breaks at the start sound a lot like the ones used in Lost it by Force & Evolution.
                      • Lixx's avatar
                        You need to check your pulse if this record doesn't instantly make you want to dance! Both sides absolute stormers!

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