Ruffneck* & Lockjaw*Special Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition

Style:Hardcore, Gabber


Ruffneck*My Balls & My Word! (Official 2019 Play Festival Anthem)5:17
Ruffneck* As D'SpyreEater Of Despair4:40
Lockjaw*Crazy Jungle4:42
Lockjaw*Rough & Tough4:36

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    Cover of Special Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition, 2019-09-14, VinylSpecial Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition
    12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Light Blue Marbled
    Ruffneck Records – RUFF 057XNetherlands2019Netherlands2019
    Cover of Special Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition, 2019-09-18, FileSpecial Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition
    4×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Ruffneck Records – RUFF 057XNetherlands2019Netherlands2019
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Special Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition, 2019-09-18, FileSpecial Series VII - Dark Vs Light Edition
    4×File, WAV
    Ruffneck Records – RUFF 057XNetherlands2019Netherlands2019
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    • -NeedleTeeth-'s avatar
      Like that Lockjaw used the ''Crazy Jungle Madness In My Brain'' sample. Originally from Anti Chaos - Crazy Jungle (Madness In My Brain). But I believe he sampled/remade it to sound like Search & Destroy's Deep In The Underground.
      • 2Styliztik's avatar
        My favourite track on this Ruffneck record is Rough and Tough by Lockjaw. It has the Joycore sound that Lockjaw became known for. The main synth riff is a happy sound but with that rich Ruffneck engineering. Rough breakbeats, tough Ragga samples and a cheeky sampling of Ramirez's Baraonda. The second half of the track has the reappearance of THAT Lockjaw synth sound, heavily influenced by UK Breakbeat Hardcore. I miss that sound and its great to hear it again!

        I can imagine most Ruffneck Soldiers will love My Balls & My Word, dark traditional Artcore taking massive samples from the movie, Scarface. I never noticed it before but my favourite piece of dialogue is: "you wanna play Ruff, OK!" Well played Mr. van Kerckhoven.

        The vinyl is a beautiful Light Blue Marble design, looks and sounds awesome. Etched on the vinyl is JOHN 2:19, which in the bible means: Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days."
        • zync00's avatar
          New Ruffneck record with an extra thick gloss sleeve and marbled vinyl, does this get any better! The ‘My Balls & My Word” is definitely the stand out track on this record. Probably one of the best tracks on the Ruffneck label to date.
          • Mentasm76's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            Great Ruffneck release on beautiful marbled wax & a with nice designed sleeve.
            Ruffneck delivers in my opinion the best release so far, since the label's revival in 2018.
            Quick review from my side:
            "My Balls & My Word" could easily have been released in '97 or so. What a fantastic track it is.
            "Eater Of Despair" is a dark & atmospheric track that takes you back to the Supreme Intelligence era. I simply love it !
            Love to hear some breakbeats & chipmunk voices in "Crazy Jungle". Wicked, but somehow it reminds me of Search & Destroy - Deep In The Underground ;)
            "Rough &Tough" has that nice oldschool flavor which puts a smile on your face. Nice to see Lockjaw is back in business !

            Would be nice to see tracks by Comababy, Predator or Nosferatu on future releases too ;)

            Ruff To The Core !!!
            • japedumarie's avatar
              Excellent release - extra HQ thick sleeved bomb !! Great tracks - I love the use of samples from Al Pacino in My Balls & My word. Oldschool early rave kicks … just brilliant. Thank god somebody is pressing some good hardcore on vinyl :) ! Great work also from Lock Jaw - big huge kicks and the typical sounds - MASTER !! Keep it up Ruffneck - keep em coming !!

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