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Cold Hate
Struck With An Ax

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    Cover of Cold Hate / Struck With An Ax, 2019-09-18, VinylCold Hate / Struck With An Ax
    7", 45 RPM
    Old Rope – ROPEBF704Australia2019Australia2019
    Cover of Cold Hate / Struck With An Ax, 2019-09-18, FileCold Hate / Struck With An Ax
    2×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Old Rope – ROPEBF704Australia2019Australia2019


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      After an extremely unsuccessful attempt to release Bloody Fist 22 in 2000 (remember the Fuck The Olympics T-Shirts, man I wanted one), several copies of the doomed test pressings learnt to swim in the Tasman Sea heading for greener pastures in New Zealand. However three people were lucky enough to have a copy: Mark Newlands, Simon Wiltshire and David Melo. Overcast did everybody a favour and immortalised Cold Hate on his truly AMAZING mix CD, Under Sufferance. While people were desperate to complete their Bloody Fist collection, I thought Cold Hate being on Under Sufferance was a perfect ending to the Disassembler project and the blood, sweat and tears in making FIST22.

      Fast forward to 2019 and Old Rope Records satisfies the erections of many Bloody Fist fans and presses Cold Hate on vinyl! The track itself is an awesome combination of Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore and Hard Gabber. The title of the track is not wrong, it feels cold, kinda reminds me of PCP's more harsher material. Once again, you've got to admire the sounds getting squeezed out of an Amiga and Fast Tracker, with low sample rate and fuck all channels. Made In Australia.

      Struck With An Ax is also a nice surprise here, sounding like much of the music Nasenbluten were pumping out at the time. Throwing a lot of ideas into Fast Tracker and seeing what sticks. Very primitive attempt at underground music by someone from Newcastle trying to starve off boredom, doing the best you can with what you've got, I gotta respect that.

      This little 7" record sounds great and the least I can do is give Mark and David some beer money for their hard work. This is NCL Industrial Hardcore.

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