Natural Woman3:33
Will You Be Mine4:31
In The City4:05
Fly Like An Eagle4:29
Why Can't We4:40
Sugar Love4:16
Keep Holding On4:02
Get It On3:55
Sugar Love Reprise1:50

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    Cover of Precious, 1991, VinylPrecious
    LP, Album
    Virgin – 211 839, Virgin – V 2657Europe1991Europe1991
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    Cover of Precious, 1991, CDPrecious
    CD, Album
    Virgin – CDV 2657UK1991UK1991
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    Cover of Precious, 1991, VinylPrecious
    Virgin – V 2657UK1991UK1991
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    • PatrickHH's avatar
      Edited 13 years ago
      God knows why Larry Heard produced most tracks on an album by a totally forgotten British Dance Pop act but it somehow ended up being one of his most hidden gems (besides maybe Billy MacKenzie's "Colours Will Come" of "The Associates"-fame).

      The outstanding track "Precious" shares exactly the same spirit as the tracks on his own "Introduction" album one year later. Funnily enough even the voice of Habits' singer sounds a bit like Heard and the female chorus and harmonies have been used 1 to 1 on "Introduction". A Deep House gem that you shouldn't miss if you are into "What About This Love", "Closer" or "On A Corner Called Jazz". The other outstanding track that heads toward the same direction is "Keep Holding On". Some of his other productions on this album are more on the Downtempo side and are close to his "Back To Love"-album from 1994. And last but not least the "Sugar Love Reprise" which is on the Ambient-side and fits into the "Sceneries Not Songs"-chapter. So this 1991 album already predicts Heard's sounds for the years to come.

      The single release "Power" is clearly credited to Heard on the album and has been remixed by an unknown "Vince" but I rather doubt that Heard is involved in this Pop House tune since it totally lacks Heards usual instrumenation that can be found in of all of his productions and remixes during his carreer.

      "Get It On" has been produced by Double Trouble and is rather one of the weaker tracks on the album - not only out of the perspective of a Heard fan but also when knowing well other Double Trouble tracks. They had their peak in 89-90 and their sound had been rather out in the year of 91 - the year that soundwise builds the basis for the magical year of 1992 in which almost all House sounds have been invented that are still used in nowadays House Music.

      And then there is the cover version of Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle" which originally came out in 1976. Habits' version from 1990 had to be added to this album since it had been the only mediocre chart und club success of the group and which has been produced by the legendary Bruce Forest of DMC and NYC's "Better Days". Far more commercial than Heards tracks on this album but the "Infinity Dub", which is only released on the remix-12", is still an underground club classic but unfortunately not released on this album.

      In the end this album had to flop - not because of the quality of the tracks themselves but because of the concept of putting producers together that usually cannot be thrown into the same pot. But this fact also makes this album an obscure affair and if you are a Larry Heard fan then buy it to enjoy the goosebumps when listening to "Precious" and "Keep Holding On"!

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