808 StateTransmission Suite



Tokyo Tokyo
Cannonball Waltz
The Ludwig Question
Angol Argol
Bushy Bushy
13 13
Crab Claw

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    Cover of Transmission Suite, 2019-10-11, CDTransmission Suite
    CD, Album
    Not On Label (808 State Self-released) – BOBSTATE006CDUK2019UK2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Transmission Suite, 2019-10-11, VinylTransmission Suite
    2×LP, Album
    Not On Label (808 State Self-released) – BOBSTATE006LPUK2019UK2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Transmission Suite, 2019-10-11, FileTransmission Suite
    15×File, WAV, Album
    Not On Label (808 State Self-released) – BOBSTATE006UK2019UK2019
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    • rotelic's avatar
      Mine is a great pressing. Bob state sounding better than ever...
      • splainslounger's avatar
        You'd think with such spectacular packaging that QC would be up to par, but alas, no. My Record 1 is bowled, so arm auto-return swipe has ruined part of B1, as a result. Record 1 also contains numerous unwanted clicks and persistent thumps throughout on either side, plus one jump on B4. A disgrace on the part of INgrooves. Record 2 sounds better, but contains similar thumping defects and is just slightly warped. The music itself is outstanding. A gear hound's blissful extravagance and a glorious return to their minimalist roots. Good thing, or I would have returned this without hesitation.
        • ren.provo's avatar
          So glad they self-released! Beautiful work, inside and out. Spinning on repeat for Sunday brunch!
          • nvkid909's avatar
            Fooken love it, love its tongue In cheek vibes & a few nods towards “how it’s made” (get stoned while watching How It’s Made), should’ve really got Tony Hirst in to do “this is how, techno, is made”. Kind of understand some people not getting it at first but this is what drew me to 808 in first place, different but far superior. Now gonna sit in a dark room watching how it’s made, fuzzed out of my mind giggling to machinery, this album gives one the excuse to do so.
            • daviddgrant's avatar
              Amazing pressing and album a must have for anyone that appreciates good electronic music and those that enjoy a little bit of acid house.
              • bubcentral's avatar
                I was a fan only until the Excel lp which seemed to lose the rave/acid house edge of early releases.
                Thankfully this lp feels like a return to the stuff I liked best. I had to check there was no Gerald on this lp it felt like it did.
                A great pressing on vinyl. Love the packaging although the lp is a bit of a tight fit into the slipcase.
                I'm guessing negative reviewers of this lp do like their later stuff. For me Cubik was a horrific noise of a track with no soul.
                • krozfader's avatar
                  Beautifull package, Nice covers for a synthead there is lot's to see. Their best album in years, no pressure to make hits lead to this range of tracks... Playing non stop, it's good to have 808 State back. Vinyl sounds clean with good dynamics.
                  • Kingy968's avatar
                    Edited 11 months ago
                    Brilliant packaging and a decent album to match. Disc 1 came slightly warped from factory but nothing that affects play. Sound is great aswell. Pick this up if you're an acid appreciator

                    *edited to talk about the press not the music
                    • archivarious's avatar
                      Looking back at more than 30 years of 808 State, I had not high expectations, but still some expectations to this album.
                      Having listened to the 2 EPs prior to it, those expectations dropped. In my humble opinion, their skills and previous discography taken in consideration, it is bland and uninspiring. It saddens me that, from all of this new material (the album and 2 EPs), the best track "Marconi" which has some reminiscence of the "Newbuild/Prebuild/Quadrastate" era, is only available as digital; no CD or Vinyl.

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