The BandThe Band: A Musical History

Style:Blues Rock


Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks (2)Who Do You Love2:40
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks (2)You Know I Love You2:44
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks (2)Further On Up The Road3:06
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks (2)Nineteen Years Old4:12
Levon & The Hawks*Honky Tonk3:02
Levon & The Hawks*Bacon Fat2:38
Levon & The Hawks*Robbie's Blues3:36
Levon & The Hawks*Leave Me Alone2:21
Levon & The Hawks*Uh Uh Uh2:37
Levon & The Hawks*He Don't Love You2:37
Levon & The Hawks*(I Want To Be) The Rainmaker (Song Sketch)2:58
Levon & The Hawks*The Stones I Throw (Song Sketch)1:08
Levon & The Hawks*The Stones I Throw2:06
Levon & The Hawks*Go Go Liza Jane2:11
Bob DylanCan You Please Crawl Out Your Window3:32
Bob DylanTell Me Mama4:05
Bob DylanJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues5:36
The BandWords And Numbers (Song Sketch)4:13
The BandYou Don't Come Through (Song Sketch)2:03
The BandBeautiful Thing (Song Sketch)1:41
The BandCaledonia Mission (Song Sketch)2:28
The BandOdds And Ends1:46
The BandFerdinand The Imposter4:06
The BandRuben Remus3:13
The BandWill The Circle Be Unbroken0:55
The BandKatie's Been Gone2:44
The BandAin't No More Cane3:57
The BandDon't Ya Tell Henry3:12
The BandTears Of Rage5:20
The BandTo Kingdom Come3:57
The BandIn A Station3:31
The BandThe Weight4:36
The BandWe Can Talk3:03
The BandLong Black Veil3:04
The BandChest Fever5:15
The BandLonesome Suzie2:57
The BandThis Wheel's On Fire3:11
The BandI Shall Be Released3:12
The BandYazoo Street Scandal3:54
Bob DylanI Ain't Got No Home3:47
The BandOrange Juice Blues3:18
The BandBaby Lou3:38
The BandLong Distance Operator4:32
The BandKey To The Highway2:22
The BandBessie Smith4:16
The BandAcross The Great Divide2:53
The BandRag Mama Rag3:06
The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down3:33
The BandWhen You Awake3:14
The BandUp On Cripple Creek4:34
The BandWhispering Pines3:57
The BandKing Harvest (Has Surely Come)3:37
The BandGet Up Jake2:16
The BandJemima Surrender3:47
The BandDaniel & The Sacred Harp4:21
The BandTime To Kill3:25
The BandAll La Glory3:24
The BandThe Shape I'm In4:01
The BandStage Fright3:41
The BandThe Rumor4:14
The BandSlippin' & Slidin'3:19
The BandDon't Do It3:46
The BandStrawberry Wine3:52
The BandRockin' Chair4:14
The BandLook Out Cleveland3:29
The Band4% Pantomime6:01
The BandLife Is A Carnival3:57
The BandWhen I Paint My Masterpiece4:20
The BandThe Moon Struck One4:09
The BandThe River Hymn4:39
The BandDon't Do It4:36
The BandCaledonia Mission3:22
The BandSmoke Signal5:09
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The BandUnfaithful Servant4:41
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The BandW.S. Walcott Medicine Show4:05
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The BandGenetic Method7:31
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The BandChest Fever5:04
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The Band(I Don't Want To Hang Up My) Rock `N' Roll Shoes4:30
Rock Of Ages Horn Section, The BandLoving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever)3:35
The BandEndless Highway5:08
The BandMove Me (Song Sketch)2:56
The BandTwo Piano Song4:12
The BandMystery Train5:33
The BandAin't Got No Home3:24
The BandShare Your Love2:54
The BandDidn't It Rain3:18
Bob DylanForever Young4:56
Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 & 353:37
Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited3:55
The BandOphelia3:31
The BandAcadian Driftwood6:43
The BandIt Makes No Difference6:32
The BandTwilight (Song Sketch)3:23
The BandChristmas Must Be Tonight3:36
The BandThe Saga Of Pepote Rouge4:13
The BandLivin' In A Dream2:50
The BandForbidden Fruit5:39
The BandHome Cookin'3:44
The BandOut Of The Blue3:20
Emmylou HarrisEvangeline3:10
The BandThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down4:32
The StaplesThe Weight4:36
The BandJam/King Harvest4:22
The BandLong Black Veil2:46
The BandRockin' Chair3:52
The BandDon't Do It4:33
The Band Hard Times (The Slop) / Just Another Whistle Stop 7:20
The BandGenetic Method / Chest Fever7:49
The BandLife Is A Carnival3:14
The BandStage Fright3:32
The BandGeorgia On My Mind3:10

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    Cover of The Band: A Musical History, 2005, CDThe Band: A Musical History
    5×CD, Remastered; DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC; Box Set, Compilation
    Capitol Records – 72435-77409-0-6, Capitol Records – CCAP77409-6US2005US2005
    Cover of The Band: A Musical History, 2005, CDThe Band: A Musical History
    5×CD, Compilation, Remastered; DVD, DVD-Video; Box Set, Compilation
    Capitol Records – 72435-77409-0-9Europe2005Europe2005
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    • CPL953H's avatar
      Edited 10 months ago
      A few things to add:

      1) The way "Odds and Ends" is presented here is kind of an oddity. As some may know, when it was first officially released in 1975, they took what was originally a stereo recording and folded it down to mono while adding some new overdubs. For this box set, it appears that the stuff on the original stereo recording is once again folded down to mono, but the overdubs added in 1975 are now in stereo. Go figure. (Years later, Sony finally issued the original stereo recording in stereo without overdubs as part of Dylan's Bootleg Series Vol. 11.)

      2) The studio recording of "Don't Do It" was given its first official release as a bonus track on the 2000 reissue of CAHOOTS. They mastered that bonus track from an acetate, but for this box set, they actually used a better source - the original multi-track was apparently discovered in the interim and Andrew Sandoval himself confirmed that he made a brand-new mix for this box set.

      3) Quite a bit of "previously released" material was actually remixed for this set. I can't confirm every single track that was remixed, but the Brown Album tracks were definitely remixed. The first-generation master tapes for the Brown Album have reportedly been missing for decades, but the original multi-tracks have been accounted for, so it's possible they decided to remix those tracks just to have a first-generation master of some kind. The ROCK OF AGES tracks were remixed and they remain unique to this set as those recordings were remixed yet again for the LIVE AT THE ACADEMY set that came out years later.
      • streetmouse's avatar
        The Band is one of those groups for which the fans are hungry for new material, any material ... and to that end there have been nearly a dozen boxed sets and compilations released to satisfy those needs. Often these issues contain nothing new, other then perhaps a few photographs or maybe an out take, that hardly warrants any excitement at all ... so when this edition “The Band: A Musical History” was announced, I was more then skeptical. But even before I had opened it, as I was standing in line to pay, I knew that I had something special here, something to be treasured, and my imagination soared.

        This time, I was not disappointed. First, the boxed set is beautifully done. This compilation is actually a hard cover book, measuring 9.5 inches by 11 inches, with over one hundred and fifteen full pages ... this is no booklet, this is the real deal. The cover is cloth with the indistinguishable images of the five band members, in shades of black and gray. What you see are only five shadows ... what a fitting cover for a group of musicians, who for all practical purposes have been with us for forty years, yet we still know little about them, being just shadows to most people.

        Within the pages of this book you are going to get a complete written history of The Band, music from their early days in Canada, to their sessions with Bob Dylan, their albums, and a host of amazingly new and quality images. Here, contained on the first five CD’s are eighty three songs, and the single DVD contains live material recorded at various venues around the world and from television performances. None of the material released on the DVD has ever been shown before, and there is a wealth of unreleased and alternative versions of many of the songs. And as if that were not enough, you get a very special pass to down load material from Garth Hudson, containing material not only from Garth but from Rich Manuel an Rick Danko [though it is my understanding that these passes only existed in small numbers from the original edition].

        To the members of The Grateful Dead, Rick Danko of The Band said, “We thought you all were just some California freaks, but you’re just like us ...” those were the words that floated through his laughter, on the “Festival Express” train, as he realized that The Band was not the only group out there, discovering and working their own styles of Americana Music. And here, in this splendid, definitive package you will find all that you need to “complete you journey with The Band” ... and that is the only sad part about this magnificent release.

        Review by Jenell Kesler

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